10 Free Things To Do in Northern Sydney

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10 free things to do northern Sydney

The baths area at Balmoral are good for a splash and a play at any time of year


Here is a good reminder that we don’t always have to spend money when out and about with kids. Please welcome the lovely blogging mum from All Things Mom Sydney, Michal, who explains her favourite free stuff in the northern part of Sydney.


10 Free Things To Do in Northern Sydney

by Michal Johnson

Just click on the names of the place to read detailed information on planning a trip to visit.

Gorgeous Little Manly Cove – not usually so quiet!


With so many amazing beaches on the North Shore it could be hard to choose. If you haven’t tried these suggestions you certainly have to:



One of the things I love about Sydney is how it’s geared towards families. With a playground in nearly every suburb,  a great way to see what each suburb feels like is to visit it’s best playground. My top playgrounds are:

There is so much to do at each you could spend all day there. The first playground has a cafe nearby but Livvi’s Place doesn’t so be sure to take a snack or two. 

Brightmore Reserve bike track, Cremorne

Brightmore Reserve bike track, Cremorne


Along almost every beach you can find a good stretch of pavement or walkway for a bike / trike ride or a scoot but with my son I try to make sure we’re in an area far away from cars.

What makes a bike ride or scoot even better is when there is a designated area, the below are my top picks. 

Golden Jubilee Park, Wahroonga.

Golden Jubilee Park, Wahroonga

Berry Island Reserve party

Picnickers beside the playground at Berry Island


For some reason my kids love picnicking and will eat everything I put on offer making a picnic a great alternative to lunch or tea at home. 

On our travels I’ve found some great picnic spots with the kids including:


Feeding the ducks at Narrabeen Lake

Feeding the ducks at Narrabeen Lake


You don’t have to pay zoo or park entrance fees to see some animals. Here are some suggestions that will entrall the kids 

    • See the wallabies at St Ives Wildflower Gardens. The best time to check these lovelies out is around 3:30pm but don’t get locked in because the gardens close at 5pm. 
    • Feed the ducks at Narrabeen Lake
Narrabeen Lake good to cycle around

Narrabeen Lake – also terrific to cycle around, click here

With so much to do, it may be hard to choose. Have fun!

What other fun free stuff do you love to do with your family?


PS: Do check out Michal’s blog at  All Things Mom Sydney, and her very busy social media streams too. Thanks Michal.

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Posted on: February 13, 2017


  • Reply February 14, 2017


    Wow, what some fun things Northern Sydney offers. Next time I visit I really must get beyond the harbour and the bridge and do some proper exploring. The last time I visited Manly was in 1983!

    • Reply February 15, 2017

      Seana Smith

      Yes! Come north and we can do a Good Beach and Cafe Tour together!

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