The Best Free Things To Do In Sydney

Best Free Things to do in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is a vibrant city filled with endless possibilities for adventure and exploration. From world-famous landmarks to hidden local gems, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

One of the best things about Sydney is that you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time. In fact, there are plenty of free activities and attractions that are just as exciting as their paid counterparts. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best free things to do in Sydney, so you can experience all the city has to offer without spending a dime.

Wonderful Walking Trails in Sydney

If you’re looking to get some exercise while exploring the city, taking a walk is a great option. Fortunately, Sydney offers a variety of walking trails and paths that are both scenic and enjoyable. 

Check out some of those walking trails: 

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge 

Since its inception, BridgeClimb Sydney has become a popular activity for visitors to the city. Every year, more than four million climbers make the journey to experience the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

The climb takes climbers on a three-hour journey, with every participant fitted in a safety harness and accompanied by two experienced climb leaders.

The thrill of the climb is undeniable, as is the breathtaking view from atop the arch of one of Sydney’s most recognisable landmarks.

2. South Head Heritage Trail

On this walk, you will be able to explore the spectacular tip of Sydney Harbour’s South Head. The starting point is at Camp Cove, the first landing place for Europeans in Australia. 

From here, you will be able to walk along a footpath that follows the cliff line and will take you past several gun emplacements with stunning views of the harbour.

You can also visit Hornby Lighthouse, perched on top of a rocky outcrop at the edge of the cliffs. Here you will be able to take in the spectacular views over the harbour and out to sea.

3. Cremorne Point Walk

The Cremorne Point foreshore walk is an idyllic 3km path that offers breathtaking vistas of Mosman Bay, the Sydney Harbour, and the city skyline. Along the trail, you’ll find many tranquil harbourside spots to take in the views or sit down for a picnic lunch. 

Take your time to pause and appreciate the natural beauty of Cremorne Point before completing the circuit back to the wharf.

4. Manly Four Beaches Walk

Wander along the magnificent, honey-hued crescent of sand that is comprised of Manly Beach, North Steyne Beach, and Queenscliff Beach, with the small and delightful Shelly Beach just a short walk away. 

The panoramic views from the headland at Manly encompass the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and entry to the harbour.

5. Narrabeen Lagoon Trail 

There are a variety of different routes to explore the lagoon, ranging from easy strolls through picturesque bushland to more challenging walking trails.

The most popular walk is around the 8.6km loop that follows a well-formed track with no steps or steep inclines. Taking approximately two to three hours to complete, this route takes visitors through a range of bushland ecosystems, providing remarkable views of the lagoon.

Here are Some More Walking Trails in Sydney

Parramatta River Walk

Parramatta Park Walk

Berry Island Mini Bush Walk

Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Art Gallery of NSW

Centennial Park Circuit

Free Things To Do In Sydney – Best Playgrounds

There are plenty of amazing playgrounds located throughout the city that offer exciting activities suitable for all ages. 

Here we will take a look at some of the best playgrounds in Sydney that won’t cost you anything but time. So grab your little ones and head out on an adventure through these wonderful outdoor places! 

1. Lagoon Park

Lagoon Park located in Manly is an ideal family destination, featuring an amazing playground that attracts both locals and visitors from all over Sydney. What makes this playground stand out is the variety of walking trails leading to and from it. 

Moreover, the nearby Queenscliff beach and rock pool, which can be reached by a brief stroll, are simply delightful.

2. Burwood Park

Situated in the heart of Burwood, Burwood Park is a spacious historical park bordered by Park Road, Park Avenue, Burwood Road, and Comer Street. Its convenient location makes it only a five-minute stroll away from the town’s shopping district and Westfields. 

This park boasts an inviting atmosphere, with ample open space and a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy.

3. Balmoral Beach Playground

Located at the South End of the Esplanade near Lawry Plunkett Reserve and Mosman Oval, the Balmoral Beach playground is a fantastic spot to visit. 

The playground is enclosed with a fence, and there are numerous seating options available. The ground is covered with soft fall material, making it safe for children to play. 

There’s a diverse selection of play equipment for kids of all ages to enjoy, and the playground is surrounded by numerous cafes and food options. 

4. Sydney Park Playground

The Sydney Park Playground is a vast and partially enclosed play area. It offers a wide variety of traditional and adventure play equipment suitable for children of all ages and abilities. 

Additionally, the park has a cycling track specifically designed for children and a skate park for those who enjoy skateboarding.

5. Grant Reserve Playground

Grant Reserve Playground is one of the largest and most impressive play areas in the region. The playground is surrounded by trees, grass, and a breathtaking ocean view. 

It’s situated a short distance south of Coogee Beach along the Coastal Walkway, and while it’s not entirely accessible to wheelchair users, some areas are accessible.

Please check out other playgrounds in Sydney that your kids will love.  

Free Things to Do in Sydney – Beaches

Whether it’s soaking up some sun on a hot day or taking a refreshing dip in the ocean, Sydney’s beaches have something for everyone. They provide you with stunning views, golden sand and crystal-clear waters. 

So if you’re looking for free things to do in Sydney this summer, make sure to check out all that its iconic beaches have to offer.

1. Kyeemagh Beach 

Located at the northern end of Lady Robinson Beach, which extends to Dolls Point, Kyeemagh Beach is a fantastic spot to visit. The beach has a gentle slope and includes a netted swimming enclosure for added safety. 

Cook Park, a vast expanse of reserve, is adjacent to the beach, and visitors can enjoy a children’s playground, cafe, and bike track located nearby. 

2. Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach, a breathtaking family beach situated between two headlands, is only a short walk north of Manly. Continuing along the coastal walk to the north will lead you to Curl Curl. 

The beach was named Freshwater after a small creek running out the north end, which provided fresh water for the campers. 

3. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, one of the world’s most renowned beach destinations, is an iconic stretch of fine sand and curling waves. Visitors can enjoy Bondi’s stunning scenery and atmosphere year-round. 

The beach is bordered by sandstone headlands, which are popular spots for walking, golfing, and whale watching.

4. Forty Baskets Beach

Forty Baskets Beach, located along the Spit to Manly Walk, is a fantastic spot for a refreshing dip in an enclosed Middle Harbour tidal pool. 

The beach features a small, grassy reserve shaded by several Norfolk Pines, making it an ideal location for lounging before or after a swim. You can also enjoy a walk along the path and take in the stunning views of the harbour.

5. Little Manly Beach

Located approximately 17km north of Sydney’s CBD in the Northern Beaches district, Little Manly Beach boasts calm waters and a protected pool area. You can indulge in activities such as Swimming, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and more. 

The beach features a small cafe that serves light meals and refreshments, including ice cream, soft drinks, and coffee.

Please check out other exciting beaches in Sydney.

Other Free Things to Do in Sydney

Here’s an overview of some other things to do in Sydney that you can check out during your stay. 

1. Museum of Contemporary Art 

Situated at Circular Quay, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia is the country’s premier museum dedicated to showcasing, interpreting, and acquiring contemporary art from both Australia and around the world. 

The museum is housed in the former Maritime Services building, a stunning example of late Art Deco architecture.

2. The Royal Botanical Garden 

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney is a serene haven located on the fringes of one of the most beautiful natural harbours globally. 

The garden is easily accessible via a brief stroll from Circular Quay and Hyde Park and has a diverse collection of plant species numbering in thousands. The garden is home to various wildlife such as fruit bats, colourful birds, and water dragons. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Free Activity to Do With Kids

As a parent, finding activities to do with your kids can be challenging, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of free activities out there that you can do with your children that are both fun and educational. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some important things to consider when choosing a free activity to do with your kids.

1. Age Appropriateness

The first thing to consider when choosing a free activity to do with your kids is their age. Some activities may be more suitable for younger children, while others may be more appropriate for older kids. 

For example, if you have young children, you might want to consider activities like colouring, building blocks, or playing with playdough. Older children might enjoy more challenging activities like puzzles, scavenger hunts, or outdoor games.

2. Interests

It’s important to choose an activity that your child is interested in. If your child is interested in art, you might want to consider taking them to a local art museum or having an art project at home. 

If your child loves animals, you could take them to a petting zoo or a local park to watch wildlife. By choosing an activity that your child is interested in, you’re more likely to keep them engaged and excited about the activity.

3. Accessibility

When choosing a free activity to do with your kids, it’s important to consider accessibility. Is the activity easy to access, or does it require a lot of travel? Is it something you can do at home, or do you need to go to a specific location? 

Consider your schedule and how much time you have available, and choose an activity that is convenient and accessible.

4. Safety

The safety of your children should always be a top priority. When choosing a free activity to do with your kids, make sure it’s safe and appropriate for their age. 

If the activity involves going outdoors, make sure you have appropriate clothing and gear for the weather. Always supervise your children during the activity to ensure their safety.

5. Educational Value

Finally, consider the educational value of the activity. Is it something that will help your child learn and grow? For example, if you take your child to a science museum, they will learn about science and technology. 

If you do a craft project at home, your child will learn about creativity and self-expression. Choose an activity that is both fun and educational to help your child develop important skills and knowledge.

Enjoy These Free Things to Do in Sydney

In conclusion, there are many free activities you can do with your kids that are both fun and educational. When choosing an activity, consider your child’s age, interests, accessibility, safety, and educational value. 

With these factors in mind, you’re sure to find a free activity that your child will enjoy and learn from.

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