The Flying Fox Playground at Winnererremy Bay Park, Mona Vale

Have you visited the Flying Fox playground at Mona Vale?  It’s a terrific place for get togethers, there’s so much space to play as well as the excellent fenced playground.

Plus the Flying Fox Cafe is right beside the playground.

NB People often call this Flying Fox Park but its real name is Winnererremy Bay Park, in fact.

We’ve usually come here to meet up with friends, from school, from our youth, from all over Sydney. It’s got lots of different things for all ages, though perhaps not so good for the very young.

Flying Fox playground kids playing park

The views here are lovely and there’s heaps of space to play games int he park and by the water. Luckily the playground itself is fenced, but there is water around the park itself so keep an eye on your tiny terrors.


 Flying Fox Playground

AKA Winnererremy Bay Playground and Park

Mona Street, Mona Vale 

Flying Fox Park Mona Vale is a terrific spot both for kids and their wranglers. There is a truly huge playground and, hooray, it is completely fenced.

Older children will adore the more adventurous play area with its long flying fox, large spider’s web climber and cool skateboard-like play equipment.

There’s an area for younger children, with boat-shaped play structure and other equipment. There is heaps of shade, spicas, spring rockers, snakes and ladders games; it’s really got the lot.

Outside the playground is a lovely sculpture walkway with lots of sand play areas—it is very beautiful, as are the water views.

In the parkland, an oval bike track makes a great learner cycleway and is also challenging enough to satisfy older siblings. There are picnic shelters and BBQs, and the cafe right alongside.

GREAT spot for picnics and BBQs!

Only caveat: there are often bigger kids at the playground so you need to keep your eye on the little ones.  Also the pretty waters of Pittwater lap the park. so you have to be really careful of young kids and bolters when outside the playground. The Cafe isn’t childproof and the water is very close.

Nearest coffee: The Flying Fox Cafe is right there

Toilets: By cafe

Shade: Bucket loads

Enclosed: Yes

Mum’s report: Just fantastic, this is the sort of place you can meet up with lots of families and all ages of kids will have a good time, not to mention the mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grannies and grandpas.

There is heaps of space to play cricket or kick a footie ball, and the equipment for the kids is seriously fantastic.

Parking: There is a carpark beside the playground, off Mona Street, but you can park for free on Mona Street and then walk across the parklands to get to the playground.

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Extra: Mona Vale beach is a short drive away.

Check Northern Beaches website for any updates or closures.

flying fox playground mural

Kids love the large mural

Flying Fox Park and Playground map


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Flying Fox Mona Vale, aka Winnererremy Bay playground. 

PS . How on earth do you pronounce “Winnererremy’??


We’ve had many games of cricket at this gorgeous Mona Vale park

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One of the roundabouts getting a workout

A close up of the mural


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Posted on: September 20, 2019

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