Sydney’s Best Fenced Playgrounds – Eastern Suburbs

When you have your first baby, you have no idea how important your local playgrounds are going to be in your life. But it’s when you have your second child that you realise how important it is to know where are all the fully-enclosed, fenced playgrounds are.

Rushcutters Bay Playground.JPG

Let’s raise a cheer for all the councils and playground designers who put a nice tall fence around their playgrounds. What a relief for parents whose kids are at that… awkward… age…. the age of escape.

It’s no fun to see your toddler running off whilst you’re breastfeeding that new baby.

Trust me, I know.

Lyne Park-1

Or for those of us (and there are heaps of us) who have twins, triplets or more or children with special needs, knowing where to find a good fenced playground is, literally, a lifesaver.

Eastern Suburbs1

I’ve done a post on Best Fenced Playgrounds in Sydney – North, and here’s the Eastern Suburbs version.

For other areas of Sydney suburbs see my post How To Find Fenced Playgrounds In Your Local Area.

Here follows a list with a link where you can read more about the playgrounds.  When I’ve photographed them all – when will that be?!! – I will prettify this post with more photos.

The Top Nine Fenced Playgrounds in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

1. Bieler Reserve Playground, Randwick

It’s only a small one but it has good, new equipment, great for pre-school children. There are shops nearby on Frenchmans Road, and parking is not bad. Read more at the Randwick Council website here.

2. Bondi Beach Playground

Wonderful views from this playground, it’s especially good for younger children. Read a full post about it here.

3. Clementson Park Playground, Bondi Junction

This junior playground on the corner of Ebley and Newland Street is ideal for kids who’ve got fed up with the shopping centre. Read more on Ellaslist here.

4. Lyne Park Playground, Rose Bay

My post with photos and all the info you need coming imminently.

Read all the information you need for a great trip to this Lyne Park playground here.

5. Malabar Beach Playground

Close to the beach at Malabar, great for little kids. Read more and see a photo at Ellaslist here.


6. Maroubra Beach Playground

My post with photos and all the info you need coming imminently.

7. Queens Park Playground, Randwick

This playground is part of Queens Park so there are plenty of opportunities to run wild, as well as to play in fenced safety. It’s on Darley Road where you can usually find parking. Read our full post on this top playground here.


8. Robertson Park Playground, Watson’s Bay

This makes a great stop off before or after a visit to Watson’s Bay Tea Gardens, and the nearby Baths.  Read all the info you need on my post about Robertson Park playground here.


9. Rushcutters Bay Playground

Great spot, with a cafe right alongside. See photos and all the info you need on my post here.

Eastern Suburbs1

You can print out this map, just click here:  Eastern Suburbs1

Of course, we love loads of other playgrounds in the Eastern Suburbs, Coogee’s is excellent, as are the playgrounds at Centennial Park and Bronte Beach. But sometimes, a fenced playground is just the best… for a wee rest.

7 Reasons Why Taking Your Kids to a Fenced Playground is a Smart Decision

Playgrounds have always been an integral part of children’s physical and mental development. They provide a stimulating environment that promotes physical activity, cognitive growth, and social interaction. 

Fenced playgrounds, in particular, offer added benefits that enhance safety and enjoyment for both parents and children. I’ll discuss seven reasons why taking your kids to a fenced playground is a smart decision.

1. Enhanced Safety and Security

First and foremost, the primary benefit of a fenced playground is the increased safety and security it offers. Children can be curious and prone to wandering, especially when engrossed in play. 

A fence around the playground effectively prevents children from straying too far from the play area and potentially venturing into hazardous zones such as busy roads or dense bushland. This added layer of protection offers parents and caregivers peace of mind while their children enjoy their playtime.

2. Controlled Access to the Playground

A fenced playground provides a controlled access point, allowing parents to monitor who enters and exits the play area. This feature deters potential troublemakers and helps to create a safer environment for children. 

Furthermore, it minimizes the risk of unauthorised persons or animals entering the playground, thereby reducing potential harm to children.

3. Encouragement of Age-Appropriate Play

Many fenced playgrounds in Australia are designed with separate areas for different age groups. This thoughtful design encourages age-appropriate play, ensuring that younger children can explore and engage in activities suitable for their developmental stage without being overwhelmed or intimidated by older children. 

It also reduces the likelihood of accidents resulting from age discrepancies in play.

4. Inclusiveness and Accessibility

Fenced playgrounds often incorporate inclusive design features that cater to children of all abilities. These may include wheelchair-accessible equipment, sensory play elements, and soft fall surfacing that reduce injury risk. 

By providing an inclusive and accessible environment, fenced playgrounds enable all children to experience the joy and benefits of outdoor play, fostering a sense of community and social cohesion.

5. Facilitation of Social Interaction

Playgrounds provide a valuable opportunity for children to develop their social skills through interaction with peers. A fenced playground establishes a defined play area, where children can engage in group activities, learn about cooperation, and build friendships. 

The contained environment facilitates positive social interactions and encourages children to develop empathy, negotiation, and communication skills.

6. Reduced Parental Anxiety

Parents and caregivers naturally worry about their children’s well-being, particularly when they are playing outside. The enclosed nature of a fenced playground can significantly alleviate parental anxiety. 

Knowing that their children are contained within a secure area allows parents to relax and enjoy the playground experience alongside their children. This reduction in anxiety can lead to a more enjoyable outing for the whole family.

7. Reinforcement of Community Values

Lastly, fenced playgrounds contribute to a sense of community pride and ownership. Neighbourhoods that invest in creating safe and inclusive play spaces demonstrate a commitment to the welfare and happiness of their youngest residents. 

Fenced playgrounds, therefore, help to reinforce community values, ensuring that public spaces remain welcoming and enjoyable for families.

In conclusion, taking your children to a fenced playground in Australia is a smart decision for numerous reasons. 

These playgrounds offer enhanced safety and security, controlled access, age-appropriate play opportunities, inclusiveness, social interaction, reduced parental anxiety, and reinforcement of community values. 

By choosing a fenced playground, you are actively supporting your child’s physical, emotional, and social development, while creating lasting memories as a family.

 Hope you find this helpful!

Please let me know of other great fenced playgrounds in this area, always delighted to improve a post.

Happy playground hunting.


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  1. LOL! One of my not so great moments as a mother was at an unfenced playground breastfeeding a new baby, eldest child in a wheelchair and a runaway toddler. It was one of those many moments that in my head I was saying “there is no dignity in motherhood”
    Love this series 🙂

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Ah, sad but true, there is no dignity… even now when they are all so much more grown up. And now I’m embarassing them as well as myself… just a stage, I hope!

  2. says: Chantel

    Ha ha – I love fenced playgrounds – my fave in Perth has a divine cafe across the road and ticks all the boxes 🙂

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Right, next time we head over… sadly no plans… I’ll be emailing to ask for all the details! Thank you. Nothing like the playground/cafe combo.

  3. says: kim

    Awesome guide there Seana. Very practical. – I loved Rushcutters – my daughter cut her teeth there – and great coffee too.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hi Kim, I remember going there with my bolting first son and NOT finding it relaxing. Visits since the new fenced playground went in have been great.

      1. says: Kim

        Haha. Oh I had a madam so it was different. She wanted to sit around drinking baby caps, but we also tried the fence option – was also good.

  4. says: Née Say

    Ohh I wish there were more fenced playgrounds near me. Drives me nuts that councils spend a fortune on building awesome parks and playgrounds right near the road!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Me too… and there are also loads of playgrounds RIGHT alongside the Harbour, right by deep water… so dangerous for those of us with wayward kids… or not so since I avoided them like the plague when the children were little.

  5. says: Robomum

    Great post – pity I don’t live anywhere near there ;o( If I may I’d like to add Carss Park Bush Park to that list for the St Georgies. Awesome fenced off park with great coffee.

  6. says: Hotly Spiced

    I’ve always been fortunate to live in areas where there’s an abundance of parks and none of them near main roads. It is like you say, you don’t really discover your local parks until you have children xx

    1. says: Seana Smith

      My eldest was such a terrible bolter with no idea of safety, and then with twins, and ADHD and ASD, I’ve had to learn to love parks and to kknow the safe ones. Luckily we are all safe now, but i do love passing on info to the mums and dads who still have little kids or ones with additional needs. SO MANY playgrounds are by water here in Sydney – shocking that they aren’t secured.

  7. says: djf1970

    Can highly recommend L’Estrange Park in Mascot. Cnr of King and Sutherland St Fenced, great modern equipment and landscaping, great slides and swings, has shade, good for tiny tots and older tots. Sand and water feature so assume your kids will get wet/mucky!

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