Robertson Park Playground, Watson’s Bay

Now Robertson Park at Watsons Bay really is a lovely spot, and a fenced playground, which we always love. Find more fenced Eastern Suburbs playgrounds here.

Robertson Park Playground, Watsons Bay

The photos are a bit old here, but you’ll get the idea. I must get back there and take some better ones… and visit the revamped Watsons Bay Baths too. In the springtime!

Robertson Park Playground, Watsons Bay

Robertson Road Watsons Bay 2030

Council Website: click here

This is a large modern playground, with lots of space and some good new equipment, quite futuristic looking in parts.

The equipment takes prominence as this playground doesn’t have the natural landscaping seen in lots of others. There is a playboat, spring rockers and a groovy climbing net play structure.

Robertson Park itself has plenty of paths that are good for bikes and trikes. There are lots of trees and, therefore, shade in the park itself, plus shade cloth in the playground.

Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park. Both the park and playground have lovely views over the harbour and the boats of Watsons Bay.

Nearest takeaway coffee: Watsons Bay Tea Garden is a short walk away

Toilets: In the park, just beside the playground

Shade: Yes

Enclosed: Yes

Dad’s report: An excellent spot for tourists staying in the city—just hop on a ferry and take the kids to a great playground in an area with lots to do and harbour views

Extra: Swim at Watsons Bay Baths. Takeaway fish and chips from Doyle’s Fisherman’s Wharf on Marine Parade at the bottom of the park. Plenty of space to sit and eat in the park or along the Marine Parade promenade. There is a walk around The Gap on the other side of Military Road.

Map reference: Gregory’s 318 G14, Sydway 279 D6, UBD 218 B14

Parking: Parking available in the three streets that enclose the park: Robertson Road, Military Road and Clovelly Street. Also there is a small carpark on Cliff Street. Traffic in this area can be very congested, especially on sunny weekends, so parking can be a problem.

Nearest ferry: Watsons Bay is a few minutes walk away

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Robertson Park Playground, Watsons Bay

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Do you know this lovely park and playground?

Any other nice spots nearby you would recommend?

Happy playing!


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  1. says: Nat

    Such a great review. Sounds lovely. If we are heading to Sydney with the kids I’ll be sure to scour your site for tips!!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Thank you Natalia, I am trying to think of the best way to actually index my blog so that anyone coming to Sydney could quickly scan through ALL the Sydney posts, as doing it page by page takes a long time. Working on it.

  2. says: Leanne

    We need a Seana in Canberra to give us the run down on this stuff in our nation’s capital. I might recruit someone!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes please do! Honestly each city needs a blog with detailed info like this. And they can be commercially viable too… Well I hope so anyway.

  3. says: Hotly Spiced

    I love Watsons Bay but haven’t been there for a long time. We tend to take the easy route of just staying within our own local area and not having to get behind the wheel. Looks like a great playground though xx

  4. says: Lisa Wood

    Never realised that Watsons Bay had a great playground 🙂
    My older son works over at Watson Bay…will have to see if we can fit a visit into this Great Playground!!

  5. says: Nanny Peta

    Looks like a wonderful play ground for children and a very safe one at that. Play grounds which are fully fenced are much more reassuring for us parents as we can kind of sit back and chat with other mothers while our kids are running around having a ball. Of course we always have to keep our eyes on our kids (fence or no fence) but just having the fence around the area does make it so much safer for everyone. I really do like the look of this play ground and hope that these will become more and more common throughout Australia. Down here in Victoria there are a lot of really good pay grounds popping up here and there, but not quite close enough to where l live for it to be a common place to visit.

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