Luxury Family Day Trip – 5 Tips For Arranging

Family trips are exciting adventures where you bond, see new things, and enjoy brand-new experiences. You also create long-lasting memories and strengthen existing bonds. While the word luxury might make you think that day trips might cost a lot, this is simply not the case. You can plan a luxury family day trip that suits your budget in multiple ways. And you are in luck! Because we have put together a list of how you can plan your next family day trip.

Luxury Family Day Trip

First, find the destination

The first step in this process is finding the destination. Now, you can get quite creative here. You can search for places that are located close to your area. Look for luxury spas, wine farms, upscale resorts and exotic beaches. These options allow you to find a suitable place that will work for each family member. And if you can, book a private flight. Let us say you are staying in London and want a day trip to Amsterdam; a quick private flight will save you so much time and is convenient.  

It is all in the planning

A bright idea is to always plan as far in advance as possible. This means you need to make the reservations at least one month in advance to ensure the place is available. Additionally, you must contact the resort or hotel where you want to visit and ask if they are available. Many places today have online reservation options where it displays the available days, so make use of this. You can also enquire about any promotions they may have and share any specific requirements you have.

For example, say your sibling uses a wheelchair, you can ask the venue if they are wheelchair friendly. Always check the amenities to ensure there are no surprises. You should also research options for the best family days to go out. These will help you in your planning.  

Pack accordingly

Even though it is a day trip, you never know what can happen. From weather changes to messing on your clothing, sometimes it is a clever idea to have an extra T-shirt or jersey. And if you have little ones, chances are you will have to carry a different set of clothes, bottles, and even their favourite snacks. If you are heading to a luxurious resort for the day, consider packing the following: sunscreen, a bather, an extra set of dry clothes, a sun hat, flip-flops, and snacks. Remember, be prepared for anything, even when heading to a luxury place.  

Consider the food options

There are several advantages when it comes to a luxury day trip, and that is indulging in gourmet food and drinks. Since many see eating as an experience, you can plan your day trip around food in the following two ways. Some cities are host to Michelin Star and fine-dining restaurants. These often require that you book months and, in some extreme cases, years in advance. But it also guarantees that you and your family will have a one-of-a-kind luxury experience. The other option is to book a place that offers family picnics.

For example, in South Africa, in Cape Town, you find several wine farms. Nearly all of them are luxury. For a memorable day trip where you get to soak up the sun, you can book a family day trip at a wine farm. If there will be young children with you, ensure there is a playpark to keep them busy.

Luxury Family Trip

Think about relaxation – it is a Luxury Family Day Trip !

Spending time with family is a beautiful way to unwind following life and work stress. A luxury day trip can feature wellness, such as a spa. When speaking to your relatives, find out first if there is something they need in terms of relaxation. Think of massages, facials, and even a few minutes in the sauna. Once you have everyone’s requests, find a boutique-style spa with a spa break. Then book for the entire day. The idea here is to arrive and spend the whole day being pampered. Your family will thank you.

Luxury Family Day Trip Relaxation

Exclusive activities 

A remarkable trend has popped up all over the world, and that is exclusive family-themed activities or venues. You can enjoy hot air balloon rides, helicopter rides, private plane charters, horseback riding, private tours of local landmarks, and so much more.  

Do not forget about capturing moments

In your plans, ensure you are available to capture special moments. It is vital for any family trip. Say you head to Disneyland, and none of you has ever been; it is the perfect time to take a few snaps as keepsakes of the day. You can give each family a timeslot or activity they need to capture. Then have the picture printed and add it to the family photo album. While this may seem outdated, you will be glad to have documented such a special occasion, especially if it includes your parents, children, siblings, and significant other.  

Planning a local luxury family day trip is an exciting task. Remember to check if the place you are going to can accommodate your family or anyone with a particular need. Then you must book well in advance, especially if the location is exclusive. You must also pack accordingly, especially if heading to a theme park or luxury resort. And lastly, capture the moments while having the best fun.

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