Granville Park, Playgrounds and Water Play in Merrylands

If you are looking for a fab Merrylands park to take the kids for a play, look no further than Granville Park, it’s got the lot.

best merrylands park granville park water play
The water playground at Granville Park, quiet on a winter’s day
showing wide grassy spaces at Granville Park
Plenty of space to play at Granville park

What does your heart desire from a park? Perhaps some lush green grass for a picnic? Shoot some basketball hoops? Play a little cricket? Cool off under buckets of water on a hot summer day? Skateboarding? Granville Park offers all this and much more!

by Fathima Mohsin

My family of four frequently visit this huge park and it really is suitable for whatever you would need from a wide open green space. It is located in Merrylands in Western Sydney and offers a variety of dedicated spaces, including a children’s playground, a splash park (only operating in warmer months), a basketball court, cricket pitch, footy ground, skate park (for skateboarding and cycling) and a netted practice pitch.

There is a walking and cycling path meandering around the full perimeter of the park, which is also perfect if you happen to be pushing a heavy stroller around like me.

Additionally if you feel the sudden urge to do step-ups or other light exercises, you could utilise the outdoor fitness equipment located beside the walking path, along Merrylands Road (with convenient instruction boards on how to use the equipment as well).

I have observed a variety of lovely birds in the area so keep your eyes open for the ever popular rainbow lorikeet, sulphur crested cockatoo and grey and pink galah.

There are several benches (the ones surrounding the kids play area are shaded), picnic tables and a barbecue facility. The centre of the park is all grass and there are usually cricket or soccer games going on.

shows basketball courts at Granville park
The basketball courts at Granville Park

Granville Park is very popular and while not overcrowded, it is always lively. However since it is so large, you can always find a quiet spot of grass to kick ball or run with kids.

Our most recent outing to this park was on a warmish winter evening a week ago. My son, who is four years old, greatly enjoyed climbing at the playground. He then wandered off to kick ball with his dad and then did a bit of wrangling with a remote control car over the grass.

The playground is easily accessible from the Montrose Avenue car park. It offers conventional play equipment with plenty of climbing frames, swings (including one for toddlers), see-saw and a slide.  There are no sun sails overhead and it gets warm during sunny mornings, however a line of tall trees to the west provides adequate shade in the evening hours.

granville park playgrounds
You can see the playground on the right and the water playground on the left

The splash park (or water playground) is right next to the traditional playground. It is usually bustling in the warmer months and offers fountains, sprays and tipping buckets to keep kids cool and giggling. At one end, it has short stubby fountains suitable for toddlers (or anyone less adventurous). The water is recycled, as well as turns off automatically to minimise water wastage.

Merryland park granville park 6

Granville Park was opened in 1887 and has had a long and colourful history which has been described on some information boards located near the play equipment. Have a read while you are there!

Merryland park granville park 3

Granville Park

Montrose Ave, Merrylands NSW 2160

Coffee: Granville Park is conveniently located next to McDonalds and just across the road from Hungry Jacks and KFC. The closest takeaway coffee would be McDonalds Granville, you could walk into the park directly from their car park.

Toilets: There are toilets close to the basketball hoop and netted practice pitch, about 100 m from the playground. Another toilet is located near the splash park but is not always open.

Shade: Line of trees to the west of playground equipment provides shade in the evening. The splash park has sun sails. The perimeter of the park is lined with shady trees.

Mum’s report: It is a lovely park to spend an evening in; it offers plenty of grass and space for everyone. The playground equipment is perhaps most suitable for primary school children and is unlikely to excite teenagers.

Parking: Parking is ample and free, with the main car park accessible from Montrose Avenue. The car park closes at 8 pm, however the park itself is open till 10:30 pm.

Train: The closest train station is Merrylands station which is 700 m away.

Bus stop nearby: Yes, on Montrose Avenue and on Woodville Road.

What Are The Games That Children Can Play at The Granville Park, Playgrounds and Water Play?

Granville Park in Merrylands offers a thrilling range of games and activities for children to enjoy, making it a fantastic destination for families.

The playgrounds at Granville Park are designed to accommodate children of various age groups and abilities, with equipment such as climbing frames, slides, and swings that help develop strength, coordination, and balance.

The park also features a water play area, providing an opportunity for kids to cool off during warm days and engage in water-based activities like splashing water tag, and even simple water toy games.

Moreover, the park’s open green spaces offer ample room for group games such as footy, cricket, or flying a kite, encouraging teamwork and communication skills.

Why Merrylands, NSW is a Perfect Spot to Spend Time With Your Kids?

Merrylands, situated in the heart of Western Sydney, New South Wales, is a lively and diverse suburb offering a plethora of family-friendly activities and attractions.

With its welcoming vibe, stunning parks, and numerous recreational opportunities, Merrylands has established itself as an ideal destination for families to spend quality time together.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the area, here are ten reasons why Merrylands is a top spot for creating unforgettable experiences with your kids.

1. Family-friendly atmosphere

Merrylands, NSW is renowned for its warm and inviting community, making it a prime location for families to spend quality time together. The friendly environment encourages social interaction and bonding, creating lasting memories for both kids and parents.

2. Central Gardens

This gorgeous park in Merrylands offers a range of activities for children, such as spacious playgrounds, picnic areas, and a wildlife sanctuary. Kids can interact with native animals, explore walking trails, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the park.

3. Holroyd Gardens

Another picturesque park in Merrylands, Holroyd Gardens provides a great space for outdoor activities, including playgrounds, BBQ facilities, and bike paths. Your family can spend hours enjoying the beautiful gardens and engaging in various recreational activities.

4. Aquatopia Water Park

Located nearby in Fairfield, Aquatopia Water Park offers a fun-packed day for your whole family. With numerous water slides, a wave pool, and a splash pad for the little ones, it’s the perfect place to cool off and have fun during hot summer days.

5. Merrylands Swimming Centre

For year-round water fun, the Merrylands Swimming Centre is an ideal destination. With a heated outdoor pool and facilities for swimming lessons, it’s a great spot for children to develop their swimming skills and stay active.

6. Proximity to Parramatta

Merrylands is just a short drive or train ride away from Parramatta, a bustling city with plenty of family-friendly attractions, such as the Riverside Theatre, Riverside Park, and Westfield Parramatta shopping centre.

7. Cultural diversity

Merrylands is known for its rich cultural diversity, which offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about different customs, cuisines, and traditions. You can enjoy various multicultural events and explore international cuisine at local restaurants.

8. Sports and recreation

With several sports clubs and recreation centres in and around Merrylands, children can engage in various sports activities, such as footy, cricket, and rugby. This encourages a healthy lifestyle and fosters teamwork and sportsmanship.

9. Libraries and community centres

Merrylands offers several well-resourced libraries and community centres where you can participate in various activities and workshops. Some of them include storytelling, craft sessions, and holiday programs, designed specifically for children.

10. Safety and accessibility

Merrylands is a safe and well-connected suburb, with easy access to public transport and essential amenities. You can feel at ease knowing that your children are in a secure environment while enjoying the various attractions and activities the area has to offer.

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