Fun Things To Do At Home With Kids

Well, there’s never been a greater need for lists of things to do at home with kids.

A reader has asked me to pull together a list and so… tra la… here it is….

You will not go short of recipes, arts and craft ideas and other fun activities to do at home.

I’ve started with what I find most difficult – arts and crafts. Myself, I am a bit craft-challengedbut my children, especially my daughter have shown me the way and helped me up my game, by copying them. I’m sure that it was supposed to be the other way round, but never mind!

Table of Contents (will make clickable when I work out how to!)

  • Art + Crafts To Do At Home
  • Test Out A Cricut Joy
  • 5 Kids Craft Ideas (and more)
  • Art + Craft Classes Online
  • Indoor Fun Gift Ideas
  • Online Cooking Classes With Kiits
  • Cooking Classes For Kids
  • Home Activities For Teenagers
  • Create A Gym At Home
  • 3 Jewellery DIYs
  • Planning Your Next Holiday – Save Money
  • 25 Easy Recipes For Kids
  • Card Games To Play With The Family

Arts and Crafts To Do At Home

A label made with a Cricut Joy

Test Out A Cricut Joy

This is what we are doing right at the moment. I only heard about Cricut craft machines lately but then heard from several friends that they have one and love them madly. This machine can cut out complex designs and they draw; you can make cards, labels, stickers and much more.

I am a very craft-challenged person so was a bit nervous to open the box and get going. However, there are lots of videos on the Cricut website to look at and Youtube has many other projects to look at. So this is what we are up to right now. We will pop up some photos of what we have been making imminently!

This is going to be a great way for my daughter and I to spend some happy hours.

Meantime, have a look at the Cricut Australia website and the Cricut Youtube channel.


Five Fun Craft + Art Ideas

Two of my favourite parenting websites are My Poppet Makes and Be A Fun Mum. If you have never had a good look through these websites, do have a look. To get you started here are five really simple but delightful ideas.

Liquid Chalk Pen Fun

When younger my kids would spend hours drawing on the windows with bright pink and bright yellow chalk pens. These are pretty cheap at Officeworks.

I also used to let the kids draw on pavements and on the road. Then for extra fun I would send them out with buckets of soapy water and scrubbing brushes.

And then they’d need a good shower!

Ikea Måla Cardboard Town

This cut out, make and colour set is a bargain at only $6.50. It can keep crafty kids amused for hours!

Find the Ikea Måla Cardboard Town here.

There’s a huge range of art and craft at Classbento

Art + Craft Classes Online

Did you know that you can learn to paint watercolours, try silversmithing, paint like Frida Kahlo, learn to make a ceraminc mug, start sculpting and learn calligraphy at home?

There are all sorts of streaming art and craft classes are run. Some send out material before.

Check out all the online streaming art and craft classes you can try at Classbento.

Indoors Fun Gift Ideas

If you are looking for an indoors gift idea, how about sending a Classbento experience gift card so that your loved one can choose their own fun.


Online Cooking Classes with Kits

What a great idea! Sign up for an online cooking class, then await your cooking kit. You can then follow the streaming class and learn to cook up something new.

Find a range on online cooking classes with kids at Classbento here.

Cooking Classes For Kids Online

Check out these online cooking classes for kids via Scoopon. There are six modules and a total of 25 recipes to try. This is a bargain at $10.

Home Activities For Teenagers

Although my teen twins are spending an unholy amount of time playing video games and looking at Tiktok, all is not lost. Tiktok and Instagram do give my daughter ideas for recipes, crafts and the all-important makeup practice.

They do also ding and play guitar and go outside and play handball togeter. Bickering and fighting also takes up plenty of indoor hours. Very wearing!

But we have done a few things worth mentioning. Here they are:

Doing More Chores – My Hard-Won Advice

I have a crucial piece of advice to pass on. Always offer the teenagers a choice. I always say it this way. ‘We all need to do stuff around the house today? Now would you prefer to empty the dishwasher or hang up the washing?’ This just feels more polite and gives them a bit of agency.

I do set a time limit eg can you please do it within 30 minutes. Then one needs to follow through and switch off the internet or whatever after a 5-minute warning. If you can remain calm throughout and not turn chores into a battleground and everyone gets into the habit, it is usually fine with us. If a teen is especially grumpy I might not bother asking until they get out of their funk.

Doing Their Own Washing

It’s something to do and they will do it eventually… and it’s no skin off your nose if they do not. We have shown the teens what to do and it’s a relief to hand that over.

Cooking Meals For All The Family

We have got the teens more involved in meal planning, shopping and cooking the dinners. We have one keen and one reluctant cook, so I do need to lend a hand at times, and also stand and make sure they actually do do it. The lure of course is that the chef of dinner does not have to do the washing up.


Create A Gym At Home

We have done this for both our teenagers and for we parents.

We have bought a basic fairly cheap gym frame and a few weights so that we can use them int he gym.

Check out all the bars and weights at Gym Direct here.

We have also bought some exercise mats so that we can use the floor in the garage, check out gym mats here.

My teenage daughter would like us to buy a treadmill, and although there are many on special at Gym Direct, check the range here, we prefer to walk and run outside. We did used to have a treadmill and we used it a lot, it was so handy when my hubby worked very hard and just used to do 30 minutes running at home. But we sold it when we moved as we are not so pressed for time. But if you are then check out the treadmills as they might work well for you. and we sold it when

I do still check out the SALE page on my fave website for gym equipment purchases as you never know what you might spot!!

3 Jewellery DIYs

Making your own jewellery is a fab way to pass the time. These make great presents too.

These ideas are from the creative website A Beautiful Mess, well worth a look through.

Book me in to that hot springs hotel immediately!!

An Idea For Planning and Saving Money On Your Next Family Trip

When stuck at home, we can still dream about our next family holiday. It might be skiing or camping or exploring the outback.

I like to keep an eye on Scoopon’s special offers, just to get ideas and to see who is offering good prices.

Click to check out the current Scoopon holiday offers here.

25 Easy Recipes For Kids

Find 20 recipes here for helping teach kids to bake and to cook easy meals

Games to Play With The Family

For cost-effective family fun, how about learning some traditional card games. All you need is a pack of cards! Learn the basic card games on on this article:

Easy Card Games For Kids

My kids have always adored Uno… how many years have we been playing that game for? Mind you, I am not quite sure where our Uno pack is at the moment so I might start a treasure hunt around the house to find them. A $5 reward for the clever kid who finds them.

If you need more ideas, check out these articles:

Newy With Kids: 75 Ideas for Family Fun In Lockdown

Mum’s Little Explorers 50 Indoor Activities

Hope that you have found something that works for you in this long list of fun things to do with kids at home. Our family will be using it ourselves when we get fed up and feel bored. Not that a bit of boredom is bad for kids of all ages and for adults too.

Between the crafts for kids at home, the simple recipes for cakes, biscuits, smoothies, bliss balls and easy family dinners, I hope you will never run out of finding fun home activities with kids.

Whew! I need another cup of tea!

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