Top Rainy Day Craft Activities To Try With Your Kids

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Raising kids is a rewarding job, one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. Sure, there are tears, tantrums and torn clothing. Scraped knees and arguments. But at the end of the day, as you tuck them into bed, you wouldn’t change anything for the world. Our children bring us joy and fulfilment, and watching them learn, grow and mature over the years is an absolute pleasure.

And spending time with your kids is always fun if you can find the time on the weekends or after work. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to spend a day indoors with your children. But you can be stumped for activities to do on a rainy day. Lucky for you, this helpful article will share some rainy-day craft activities you can try with your children. Read on to discover more.

Top Rainy Day Craft Activities To Try With Your Kids – Shop Online for Craft Supplies

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Marble Paint Box

This great craft idea is perfect for younger kids who may not have the fine motor skills to control a paintbrush or pencil yet. And for parents who are perhaps a little time poor, you’ll love how easy this particular crafting activity is to set up. 

All you need to do is grab an old shoebox or small cardboard box and some marbles. Then, simply splash some different coloured paint in the box, throw in the marbles and get your kid to shake the box around. The marbles will be covered in paint, and your kids will get to create a colourful rainbow swirl pattern within the box. From here, just let their new paint box dry before letting your kids use it for whatever purposes they want! It could make for a great makeshift toy chest, or perhaps even a jewellery box.

Make Painted Rocks

This is another easy and fun craft activity – not to mention another one that’s super effortless to set up. All you need is some paint and pebbles, which you can get from your yard or down at the local park. Wash and dry the rocks, then encourage your kids to decorate them. They can paint them in all colours or even draw happy faces. And if you happen to have some stick-on googly eyes ready in your crafting box, you can make colourful rock people, which your kid will love. 

Get Creative In The Kitchen

For some kids, nothing beats being able to make a little bit of a mess in the kitchen! Whether it’s baking some chocolate chip cookies or perhaps even whipping up their own cake creation, the little chefs and bakers in your life are sure to find plenty to love about this particular rainy day activity.

If you do go the ‘kitchen exploration’ route, we recommend chatting to your kids about the kinds of dishes they’d want to have a go at creating. Try to put together a list of recipes that’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun whilst also teaching your kids valuable food preparation skills. After all, cooking is a life skill that’s best learnt under your supervision and support.

Design a Board Game

Of all the fun things to do at home with the kids, playing board games is guaranteed to be at the top of the list. But have you ever tried making your own board game as a family? Using some large sheets of paper, parents can even encourage their kids to design a board game on rainy days. And your board game doesn’t have to be overly complex either. In fact, it can be as simple as outlining some squares, making some pieces to move around the board, and developing some easy rules.

For instance, roll a die, move that many spaces and either roll again or go backwards, depending on where you land. As well as a fun craft activity, this could get them interested in board games which are a wholesome and fun family activity.

Make a Rain Cloud

Keeping with the theme of rainy days, this is a simple and easy craft activity that most kids can do with assistance. Using some cotton balls to make the rain cloud, get some blue craft paper and cut out some raindrops to attach to the cloud. The end result is a super cute, soft, and fluffy rain cloud that can be put on the fridge or hung up in your kids’ rooms like a makeshift mobile.

Paint or Colour By Numbers

Painting by numbers is another great activity that you may remember from your own rainy days as a kid. When stocking up on craft supplies, you could grab some paint or colour by numbers. You can get different themes, such as Disney, Star Wars or Paw Patrol – depending on what your kids are into. They can follow the basic steps of painting each section as it is numbered, creating a gorgeous artwork they can display or take into school for show and tell.

Play Dough

There’s no denying that play dough is a classic kids’ crafting activity. The opportunity to mould whatever you want using any arrangement of colours is sure to delight even the fussiest of kids. Stock up on some play dough – or make your own; it’s relatively easy. Then, use the play dough to make anything your kids can dream up. You can pretend to run a cafe and have them make doughnuts, biscuits and bread. 

Model with Plasticine

Like play dough, you can get some modelling plasticine and encourage your kids to make wacky animals and creatures with it. You can get many colours, so their creations will be bright and vibrant. Kids love to make things, and they can make up stories as to the origins and behaviour of their creations – encouraging imagination and free thinking.

A Rainy Day Summary

This helpful article has shared our top rainy-day craft activities to try with your kids during your next cold, stormy, or blustery weekend. They’ll be sure to love these craft activities, and you’ll enjoy some quality time bonding with them as well. So stock up on your craft supplies now to make sure that you’re ready and raring to go once the rain arrives.

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