Treetops Adventure Park Sydney – The Hills: Jittering On The Junior Courses

TreeTop Adventure park Sydney The Hills

We’re at Treetops Adventure The Hills and my son is feeling just a little bit trepidatious.

‘Oh, Mum,’ he says, ‘those trees are sooooooo tall.’

And he’s not the only one who’s shivering in his sturdy lace-up shoes.

A few litres of adrenaline are rushing through my veins too, and so far, we’re only looking at the courses here at Treetops Adventure The Hills in Cumberland State Forest.

TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney The Hills

Now both my son and I love an adventure and we’re not scared of heights. We have also done a few tree climbing adventures before at TreeTop Adventure Park Western Sydney and also at Trees Adventure Nowra. 

Actually on all our previously tree climbs, we’ve only done children’s courses… ummm… gulp…. this time we’re on the Junior courses for 10 – 17 year olds.

But really, we’ll be fine. Won’t we?


TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney The Hills

We had set off for our tree climbing trip nice and early and so had plenty time to find the right car park, walk for five minutes or so to the registration desk and get signed in.

There’s then another walk to get to the climbing courses. If you bring a picnic and lots of people, I’d advise dropping them off as you pass the tree climbing area when you drive into the park.

TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney The Hills

We’re glad we left plenty time as there’s no rush to get kitted up. Staff help with this and all of us who are starting at the same time learn how to use the clips and safety system.

The long and the short of it is, we cannot fall off.  So that’s good, because seriously all the courses are a LONG way up in those trees.

TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney The Hills

We’re somewhat concerned to see long queues of people waiting to start one of the courses. But it turns out not to the first junior one, so we are fine to get going straight away.

TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney The Hills

So up we go.

And up and up!

With the junior courses, you need to start at the easiest one and complete that before moving to higher and more tricky ones. That’s a GREAT plan as the obstacles can be really challenging. There’s heaps of wobbling and clinging on, and then the great joy of ziplining right through the trees.

Both my son, who’s 10, and I have to concentrate a lot and do feel very … umm… thrilled… throughout our climbs.  There’s a massive sense of achievement in just managing to complete a course. And, yes, a bit of fear, and conquering that, makes for some great mother-son bonding.

TreeTop Adventures The Hills Sydney Cumber;and State Forest
Climbers cannot take cameras up into the trees, this photo was privided by Treetops and shows the children’s courses.

‘Do you want to do the black course, Mum? he asks. It’s for 16+ years only. ‘I don’t mind waiting for you at the bottom.’

‘Ummmm…. no, it’s all right, son,’ I demure. Then I bravely admit I’m too scared!

But maybe next time… we both love a challenge, and definitely got one today. Maybe the black course next time.

TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney The Hills

Treetops Adventure The Hills

Cumberland State Forest,
95 Castle Hill Rd,
West Pennant Hills NSW 2125

Treetops Adventure The Hills website here

NB To extend your visit, read the review of child-friendly bush walks in Cumberland State Forest here.

TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney – The Hills has:

  • Four courses for children aged 3 – 9 years
  • Three courses for juniors aged 10 – 16 years
  • One adults courses for 16+ years only

Always, always check the rules of the courses on the website here before you book a visit.  Call to ask any questions you might have.

And always always do book ahead. And look at the maps on the TreeTop website!

NB We visited on a bank holiday and the courses were busy but not over crowded. Next time, I will call and ask what are the quietest times to visit as we love to avoid crowds.

TreeTop Adventure Park Sydney The Hills

Treetops Adventure The Hills Map

We did enjoy the day, always good to have a one:one adventure when you have a lot of children.

Have you climbed way high in the trees with your kids?

Thanks to Treetop Adventure The Hill for hosting us on this occasion.

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