Treetops Adventure Park in Western Sydney

How much fun is tree climbing?  Kids love it and have tried several of the courses in Sydney and around NSW. Here’s a report from a visit to Treetops Adventure Park Western Sydney. The beaut thing about this course is that there are other fun things to do right beside it so you can really make a day of it.

When they were little my twins really had fun on the children’s courses at Treetops Adventure Park at Plough and Harrow Park in Western Sydney Parklands. For anyone looking for a challenging and adventurous Sydney kids activity, do check this place out.

Treetops Adventure Park Sydney

For the twins, first up was a safety briefing and the careful fitting of helmets.

Tree Top Adventure park
The children’s helmets are individually adjusted for a safe, comfy fit.

Then, the children can climb and fly around the kids’ courses for two hours.

There is always an instructor around to keep an eye on the children and make sure they follow the basic rules. Only one child is allowed on each challenge or flying fox at a time. The instructor also can assist when kids occasionally get stuck.

Treetops Adventure Park

We visited on a windy cool day but even in hot weather the trees would provide some shade.

My twins were six and very physical and confident, they absolutely loved this adventure.

The highest part of the course is a platform about four or five metres off the ground. They didn’t bat an eyelid.

Lots of the challenges really are challenging especially the net and the very wobbly walkways.

Treetop Adventure Park

Just down the hill from Tree Tops is the excellent Plough and Harrow playground, the kids ran and whirled off the last of their energy there.

And there was NO BICKERING in the car going home, a miracle!  They were far too tired. I love days like that. The journey there had been quite a trial!

Treetops Adventure Park Western Sydney – Information

Address: Plough and Harrow East, Western Sydney Parklands, 749 Elizabeth Drive, Abbotbury

Treetops website here.

Parking: Free car park on site

All Abilities: TreeTops says that it is fine for people with some sensory, intellectual and physical disabilities, but not all. To clim, you must be independently mobile.

Treetops Climbs: White, Yellow, Orange and Purple courses are for children aged from 3 years to 9 years. Sessions last for two hours, which including 30 minutes of harnessing time. An adult must supervise from the ground.

Green, Red and Blue courses are for adults and for juniors aged 10 years – 17 years, who are taller than 1.4m.

The Black course is only available to people aged 16 years and over.

The Treetop Crazy Rider is a rollercoaster zip line course which is 500m long. It has two 360° loops, twists, turns and drops. You can have as many turns as you like in an hour. You must weight between 25kg – 120kg to do this ride. One adult must accompany juniors on the courses, up four juniors can be supervised by one adult.

Remember to always book ahead. Also remember there are no exceptions to the age, weight and heigh rules.

Treetops Adventure Park Sydney
Minnie The Minx loved all these wobbly walks

And here’s a one-minute video I made. Enjoy!

Treetops Adventure Park Sydney
Each of the courses ends with a long flying fox

Tree Tops Adventure park Sydney


Who is the clever person who thinks up these things?

Tree Tops Adventure Park Sydney wobbly walks


Just hanging around


Treetops Adventure Park Sydney


And this is the adult course, looks pretty scary to me!

Read about the Treetops Adventure Park – The Hills here. You can also read about a visit to Treetops Adventure at Nowra here.

 Can you recommend another adventure for me to try with the twins?

They need wearing out on a daily basis!


Find a list of all the indoor rock climbing and bouldering gyms in Sydney on this post, or click the image below! There’s a map showing you exactly where all of the climbing gyms are in Sydney.

indoor rock climbing sydney gym

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      Thanks Jules, this is a good spot. I thought I’d be back these hols to go with the older kids and have a try myself but the time in racing by far too quickly.

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