Plough and Harrow Park Playground in Western Sydney Parklands

plough harrow-1

What have I been thinking?!

I ought to have posted these photos months ago!!

plough harrow-3 plough harrow-4

They kind of got lost in my very fallible photo catalogue system.  I must get a grip.

Because Plough and Harrow Park has a really good playground, well worth a visit.

plough harrow-5

The playground and picnic area is very close to Tree Top Adventure Park and makes a great add-on to a visit there.

Don’t be fooled by these photos. We were there on a cloudy day when it was very quiet, but this really is a popular spot. No wonder.

plough harrow-6

Plough and Harrow Park East

Elizabeth Drive Abbotsbury

Keep up to date with events/closures etc at Western Sydney Parklands Facebook page.

This is a really large playground with equipment to suit children of all ages.

My twins adored the rotor and spent ages and ages whirling around in that. They liked the water play area too and the big circular swings structure.

By the sandpit is some toddler play equipment, with little cubby and slide.  The rope bridges, larger climbing frames, spinning ring, flying fox and swings are delightful for the older kids.

There are large picnic shelters (some can be booked ahead by groups) and free gas BBQs, plenty of grassy areas for ball games and a bike track for children too.

Plough and Harrow West Picnic Area is very close, this is a large space with BBQs and picnic shelters.

Cafe: Yes, Amoretti’s cafe/restaurant ,see website here, or call 02 8786 1777

Toilets: Alongside car park

Shade: Some but lots of the play equipment in in full sun.

Parking: Large car park beside playground

Extra: Tree Top Adventure Park is very close by, you can use the same car park and just walk up the grassy slope to get to it. The Western Sydney Parklands track and M7 cycleway are nearby too.

plough harrow-7 plough harrow-8 plough harrow-9

plough harrow-2

plough harrow-12

Straight up the climbing frame, my twinnies are like rats up a drain pipe.

plough harrow-10

Water play area

plough harrow park playground poles

Sculptures make fun play area too

plough and harrow park map

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 Have you visited Plough and Harrow Park Playground?

Or the lovely Lizard Log Playground, also in Western Sydney Parklands?

Shall we meet soon for a picnic and a play?


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Posted on: September 13, 2017


  • Reply September 14, 2013


    What an awesome park!!
    So much equipment and all that wonderful open space too! Just perfect.
    Your twins look like a handful and a half :0! Playgrounds are great to wear them out 😉

    • Reply September 14, 2013

      Seana Smith

      Yes spot on, Sydney’s playgrounds have been wearing my kids out and thus saving my sanity for 15 years.

      And it’s not over yet! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  • Reply March 29, 2016

    Sheenal Singh

    i was wondering if dogs are allowed ?

    • Reply March 29, 2016

      Seana Smith

      Hello, I am sure that dogs are not allowed in the section of the park where the playground is.

      Perhaps you could have a google around, searching ‘Western Sydney Parklands’ and ‘off leash area dogs” might find you some good places to let the dog have a play.

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