Watsons Bay Baths


Watsons Bay Baths by Kieran Mcinerney Architect. . @kmarchitect In association with d-Construct Architects and Jensen Young Architects. . Watsons Bay Baths were built in 1905 and as part of the refurbishment completed in 2010 we have built world’s first wheelchair access to a tidal sea pool. New walkways and platforms give water access and open up new views of the harbour. . 

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Watsons Bay Baths

Marine Parade

Watsons Bay 2030

The swimming enclosure with its boardwalk all the way round is not beside the little beach but further to the south, past the wharf.

It is most conveniently situated across the road from the Watsons Bay Tea Garden and securely fenced with child-proof gates.

The little beach inside the enclosure can be covered by water at high tide but there is usually lots of shallow water for the little ones to play in.

On view are plenty of yachts, the lovely harbour and the Vaucluse mansions. There is a wheelchair ramp down to the water and some benches in the shade under a tree. The baths has a separate lap swimming section.

Cafes: Watsons Bay Tea Garden and Doyle’s fish and chip shop at the wharf

Toilets: Toilets and showers in the Tea Gardens cafe across the road. Cold showers at the baths.

Shade: Trees give some shade at the shallow end beside the road

Playground: No

Shark net: Yes

Extra: Robertson Park playground is a short walk away. The walkway to the Gap is close by. There are stroller-friendly paths there and secure fences but boisterous toddlers with climbing skills may still cause parental heart failure.

Mum’s report: My children enjoy watching the working boats arrive and depart from the little jetty to the south as they play in the water.

Parking: In surrounding streets and around Robertson Park. Pay carpark off Cliff Street. The traffic can get very congested, especially on sunny weekends.

Nearest station: No

Nearest ferry: Watsons Bay Wharf

Bus stop nearby: Yes


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