What’s The Healthiest Fruit Juice for Kids ?

It’s grapefruit juice.


Too tart for my kids.

Maybe I need to try it again… or mix it with orange juice?

healthy juice index

Fruit Juice Australia has created a Healthy Juice Index and is keen to get out some positive information about fruit juice.

Nutritionist and health scientist Kristen Beck says:

‘Fruit juice is a MUCH better option than so many drinks, especially the sports drinks on the market. It’s not the devil it’s sometimes made out to be nutritionally.’

‘Obviously the first drink of choice should be water, for everyone. But we’re encouraged to drink eight glasses a day and there’s nothing wrong with making one of those a glass of juice. 125ml of juice is the equivalent of 150g of fruit, it’s only lacking some of the fibre. Of course, it’s still all down to moderation.’

And I reckon, with my wiry, active children, a fruit juice is better than a biscuit or chocolate bar.

For me, the problem with fruit juice is….

Those blooming teenagers of mine just drink it all.

If it’s in the fridge, it’s gone in about a nanosecond. Annoying!

When the weather is hot, I sometimes buy some juice boxes and give them to the twins after school. They love juice and I love how it cools them down and makes them less feral on those boiling hot afternoons when they’re en route from school to the backyard pool. Do not pass go.

I also make my own whole fruit juices in the Thermomix. The texture of the juices is more foamy than squeezed juice, but I love them. My orange, carrot and ginger is great from the Thermomix. It makes terrific ice blocks too, especially with a banana and some yoghurt chucked in there.

Nudie vegetable and fruit juices

If I can get the kids to drink a fruit juice that’s mixed with some veggie juice then I am very happy with that.

fruit juice pack


Are your family fruit juice fans?

Grapefruit too?


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  1. says: Seana

    As another commenter said there’s also the ruby red grapefruit… which I’ve been meaning to buy but haven’t yet remembered to get it on the shopping list.

    1. says: Seana

      I guess life is just like that, isn’t it, we all love a little sweetness to help the veggies go down. I don’t have a proper juicer but my sister swears by hers.

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