3 Top Tips for Road Tripping from Sydney

The Top Tips for Road Tripping from Sydney

Escaping the big smoke for the great outdoors – there’s nothing finer in life! Though it might be a bit of a thought bubble, proper planning prevents palpable problems. Are you just driving or hitching a caravan? What about sights and sounds? If you are thinking about a road trip out from Sydney, here are some aspects to consider before your rubber hits the road.

Top Tips for Road Tripping

The Itinerary – where are you going?

Your itinerary is the first place to start – where do you want to go? This is only limited by your time. Do you want to go on a day trip? A weekender? Something longer? If you’re planning on the Sydney to Adelaide route, you’ll need to set aside a good few days to take in the sights along the way, such as the iconic dog on the tuckerbox in Gundagai, historic Bendigo, and kids’ paradise Nhill.

Make sure you can feasibly go the distance – allowing for bathroom stops, rest breaks, and “just because it looks interesting” detours. Use Google Maps or Whereis as a guide if you’re unsure. If you’re cutting it down to the minute, it’s no fun being under pressure! Make sure you can relax and enjoy the ride and the destinations.

How are you going (and stopping?)

A road trip looks different to each family – are you going to head out and stay in hotels or motels, hitch a caravan up, or hire a campervan or car specifically for the trip? Maybe you’re going to go off-road with a 4×4 for a more unconventional adventure with tents and sleeping under the stars. Perhaps you’re looking for a new car and “celebrating” with a big trip to break it in.

Maybe it’s a new car to help tow a caravan when your previous car just didn’t have the grunt. Either way, you should consider reading a car buying guide to make sure you get the best deal and avoid any potential pitfalls.

The Top Tips for Road Tripping – Safety First

An absolute must before you set out on extended trips is having a mechanic conduct a comprehensive safety check and/or a service if you’re near due. Pump your tyres to the correct pressure and make sure your oil and fluids are good. If your tyres are looking a little bald, you should replace them before going out – you never know what kind of conditions you’ll face. An ounce of prevention is always better than the alternative. 

Choosing your routes

This is all up to personal – and family – preference. Do you prefer getting to know Australia’s frontier history or indigenous cultural sites? The coast or the country? Perhaps sampling all the fine food and wine that NSW and nearby states have to offer? Perhaps natural wonders are your jam – whatever it is, you can figure out road trips and customise them to your liking.

If you have a caravan and ample time, you can spend more than a few days at any given location. Just make sure everyone’s on the same page and there aren’t any glaring surprises! 

Follow all these steps and you’re sure to have a memorable and fun NSW road trip experience.

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