Bronze Kiosk in Mona Vale – Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Bronze Kiosk Mona Vale

If you’re looking for me on a Saturday morning around 10.30am this summer, here’s where I’ll be.

Mine’s a skim flat white, thank you… what are you having?

This is Bronze Kiosk, a lovely cafe in the Mona Vale Surf Club building.  You order inside the building and then find a seat outside, we CanTooers are usually found in the shady spots.

20131109 Bronze Kiosk Mona Vale

Bronze Kiosk has lovely views over Mona Vale Beach. The Basin and the rock pool are just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Kids can run around the tables or play in the grassy areas alongside. The cafe is alongside the carpark though so you need to watch little kids closely.

20131109 Bronze Kiosk Mona Vale

The lovely Apex Park playground is right across the road. Ideal!

There are breakfast and lunch menus, these change with the seasons.

20131109 Bronze Kiosk- Mona vale

Bronze Kiosk Info

1 Surfview Road
Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia 2103
Closed until tomorrow 6:30 am – 4:00 pm
Tel:  8411 1224

Facebook page here.

20131109 Bronze Kiosk-049-blog
CanToo friends planning their post-ocean swim feast
20131109 Bronze Kiosk-047-blog
Nice selection of reading materials
Mona Vale Cafe
The Bronze Kiosk seen from close to the playground.


Check out my info on Mona Vale Beach here.

And on Apex Park playground here.

And, a short drive away, is Flying Fox Playground, Mona Vale.

So, over the summer, when in Sydney, I’ll be doing my ocean swim training here at Mona Vale, and then popping into Bronze Kiosk for a coffee.  If that sounds divine, it’s because it is. It just is.

Where’s your fave Sydney Saturday morning cafe?

What what kind of coffee should I get you?



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