Frankie’s Food Factory at Flower Power, Terrey Hills (aka Bonds Nursery)

Here’s a lovely Terrey Hills cafe in a garden centre, so very handy for the weekends.  We often came here for breakfast and then picked up what we needed for our ill-fated gardening attempts. Locals still call this garden centre Bonds Nursery, but it is actually Flower Power, Terrey Hills. There have been several different operators of the cafe at Flower Power over the years, the latest (and greatest many say) is Frankie’s Food Factory, which also has venues at Milperra and Glenhaven.

Lots of families come here for lunch, it’s an excellent place to bring the grandparents for a multi-generational celebration.

Seeds & Co - The Cafe at Flower Power, Terrey Hills
The koi carp at Flower Power – a big attraction for my kids and luckily they never fell in
Seeds & Co - The Cafe at Flower Power, Terrey Hills
The playground beside the cafe
Indoors seating at the cafe
Seeds & Co - The Cafe at Flower Power, Terrey Hills
The shop and the nursery here are huge

Frankie’s Food Factory at Flower Power/ Bonds Nursery

277 Mona Vale Road Terrey Hills, Corner Cooyong Road

Phone: 0490 666 531


Open: Monday – Friday – 8:30am to 4:00pm, Saturday – Sunday – 8:00am to 5:00pm

This is a cafe/restaurant in a garden centre, the seating is all indoors or undercover but is right next to the small, fully enclosed playground. The playground is a bit bare and ageing but it keeps my kids and plenty of others amused.

The staff are child-friendly as are the meals. My teenagers scoff a Big Breakfast these days, and even the twins are no longer satisfied by the kids brekkie, for aged 12 and under. So a visit with all the family is an expensive proposition for us.

This is a fairly large cafe, and a favourite for coffees and lunches among mothers’ groups and for families. There are three main airy rooms, the one closest to the playground is where most families and mothers’ groups hang out.

Toilets/Baby change: Yes

Highchairs: Yes

Children’s menu: Yes, see link to menus above

Mum’s report: Definitely the sort of place that works well for a family meal with aunties, granddads, the lot. The food is pretty good, though it can be a bit expensive. The kids like the playground, and they also like to look around the whole garden centre, especially the big koi carp.

Extra: This cafe is just a quick drive from all the fun places to visit with kids at Mona Vale.

Parking: Car park at the front of the nursery

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Seeds & Co - The Cafe at Flower Power, Terrey Hills

Frankie’s Food Factory at Flower Power Map

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