Free Things To Do In Western Sydney These School Holidays

Free fun for kids… it’s what we all need in school holidays.

Here are some ideas for families in Western Sydney and for others too as there’s lots that’s well worth travelling to in the west.

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Free Activities in Shopping Centres

Check out your local shopping centre as many offer free fun for kids in school holidays.

Westpoint Blacktown

Castle Mall, Castle Hill:

Macarthur Square, Campbelltown:

Richmond Marketplace:

Rouse Hill Town Centre:

Family-Friendly Walks

Read this post on Hills District Mums about walks in the Hills area

One of them is the Platypus Track, there’s a detailed post about it below.

The Platypus Track at Bidjigal Reserve, Baulkham Hills

This 1.7km loop makes a great walk for younger children. Read all about it and find photos on the Weekend Notes website here.

plough harrow-1
Plough and Harrow Park playground

Great free playgrounds in Western Sydney

Here’s our post on this blog about 29+ fab playgrounds in Western Sydney

NB: Check out the newest one at Bungarribee Park on this post here

Hills District Mums has a post about top playgrounds in The Hills here

Fairfield Adventure Park


Kid-Friendly Cafes In The West

Cafes can be great for a not-too-expensive treat in school holidays, especially the ones that have playgrounds in them or alongside.  Here’s our list.

Copy of Northern suburbs cafes_mini

Parraparents is a terrific website with all the info on what’s on in Parramatta plus the best of local ki-friendly places and activities.

There is of course the excellent Facebook page Fun For Kids Western Sydney, a good place to find things to do.

Best tips on spending quality fun times with Kids in Western Sydney

Spending quality fun times with children in Western Sydney entails a thoughtful approach that encompasses a variety of enjoyable and engaging activities tailored to suit the interests and needs of the whole family. With its rich array of attractions and events, this dynamic region offers an abundance of opportunities for parents and children to create lasting memories together. This article presents a comprehensive guide to maximising the family experience in Western Sydney, with insightful tips and recommendations for creating memorable moments.

One indispensable tip for maximising the experience is to research and plan ahead, identifying family-friendly attractions and events that cater to a broad range of age groups and preferences. This may involve exploring Western Sydney’s abundant parklands, such as the Bungarribee Park, where children can roam free on its expansive play areas and adults can unwind in the picturesque surroundings. Another notable outdoor destination is the Western Sydney Parklands, a vast network of green spaces that feature walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and barbecue facilities.

Alternatively, your family can delve into the region’s rich cultural offerings at venues like the Penrith Regional Gallery, which hosts engaging exhibitions and educational programs for children, or the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta, which presents an exciting lineup of family-friendly performances, workshops, and events throughout the year.

Another valuable suggestion is to encourage active participation and interaction, as this fosters bonding and communication between family members. This can be achieved through collaborative experiences such as cycling along the Nepean River or embarking on a bushwalk through the Blue Mountains National Park, where families can work together to navigate the trails, observe native flora and fauna, and immerse themselves in the area’s natural beauty.

You can also consider enrolling your children in organised sporting activities or joining a local community sports club. These options provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn new skills, engage in healthy competition, and form lasting friendships with their peers, while also offering you the chance to connect with other like-minded adults.

It is also important to strike a balance between scheduled activities and unstructured downtime, allowing children the opportunity to engage in spontaneous play, while also providing you with a chance to recharge. Allocating time for relaxation, whether it be lounging by the pool at Raging Waters Sydney, enjoying a leisurely family picnic at the Auburn Botanic Gardens, or taking a tranquil stroll along the banks of the picturesque Parramatta River, can help to create a sense of harmony and wellbeing throughout the day.

Incorporating an element of education into the fun can be an enriching experience for children, as it fosters curiosity and broadens their knowledge of the world. Visiting educational attractions such as the Sydney Zoo, Featherdale Wildlife Park, or the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan can inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for nature, whilst also providing a delightful backdrop for family memories. Other educational venues worth exploring include the Powerhouse Museum’s Discovery Centre in Castle Hill, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Campbelltown, and the Penrith Observatory, where families can embark on a fascinating journey through the cosmos.

Finally, be flexible and prepared to adapt your plans according to your children’s needs, energy levels, and mood. This may involve adjusting your itinerary, allowing for additional breaks or alternating between high-energy and low-energy activities to ensure the experience remains enjoyable and engaging for all. Additionally, be open to suggestions and input from your children, as their enthusiasm and excitement can lead to unexpected discoveries and delightful shared experiences.

In conclusion, spending quality fun times with children in Western Sydney can be greatly enhanced by adopting a well-planned, participatory, and flexible approach that balances structured activities with relaxation, and combines both recreational and educational experiences.

So what have I missed?

The more info the merrier, please do leave a comment with other great stuff.

Happy holiday fun hunting,

Seana xx

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