A Fabulously Versatile Cordless Hoover: Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac Review

Welcome to this Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac Review for Godfreys

Ah the many messes of motherhood!

Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac 7

Today’s disasters included glitter twinkling on the tiles, crumbs on every carpet, cat hair on the sofa and deep layers of dust under every bed.

Cleaning weekly just doesn’t cut it in our house and big vacuums with cords are a pest.

Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac 5
Using the Vortex Pro Stickvac as a typical upright vacuum

Cordless handheld hoovers are a modern motherhood essential, they’re easy to grab and use quickly just for a few minutes at a time… several times a day.

We were sent the latest cordless Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac to trial. It’s actually much more than a normal handheld or stick Hoover as it’s really two Hoovers in one.

There’s the small Handvac section, so handy for life’s little messes. It separates really easily from the main upright part.

Hoover Vortex Pro tools
I’m using the Handvac with the motorised mattress and upholstery brush here to clean up the blooming cat hair.

The upright Hoover can do everything that a much heavier corded vacuum can do. You could run it around the whole house on one charge to get all the carpets done.

Hoover Vortex Pro accessories
Look at all the accessories that come with this vacuum

Here’s a video that my daughter has made showing the features of the Hoover Vortex Pro.



The eight accessories are great especially for a well-priced Hoover like this. You do not need any other vacuum at all. There are two power modes, switch to high power when the mess is extra messy. 

We’ve been using only the Hoover Vortex Pro around our four-bedroom house for a fortnight now and here are my top three fave features:

  1. The stand-up battery charger. It’s so easy to pop the Hoover Vortex Pro in and out of the charger. No need to attach a charging station to a wall, just pop it in and out.
  2. It’s so light, yet powerful. The Hoover Vortex Pro feels much lighter than other stickvacs. NB It’s the ideal starter Hoover for kids to use.
  3. It almost moves itself along, no pushing or pulling required. The deep cleaning powerhead is self-propelling (who knows how!!??) and feels as if it’s moving by itself. Great for my old back
Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac
It’s so easy to store this Hoover and to quickly lift it up from the charger base to use on life’s little messes.

Quick run through of other important features

  • 28 minute runtime
  • 4 stage filtration system to effectively capture dust
  • HEPA Exhaust Filter for trapping fine dust particles
  • Easily converts from a stick vacuum to a hand vacuum
  • Eight accessories mean you can clean every surface in the house, even the hard to reach places
  • Uses digital brushless technologyand is therefore very quiet which we really liked, less complaining from family members!
Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac 6
My daughter is using the Handvac section with the extension tube, elbow connector and dusting brush to easily dust the tops of pictures etc
Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac 8
I don’t usually look so cheerful whilst vacuuming – hahaha!!

Read more and buy the Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac from Godfreys here!

The cost is $599 which is great considering this is the only vacuum you need and it comes with so many accessories.

NB Godfreys offers free delivery.

You can see more of the Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac in action here:

This is a sponsored post for Godfreys who kindly gave us a Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac to trial… and – hooray – to keep!

Thank you, now I will never be a truly competent housewife, but at least the messes will get sucked away faster.

This Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac is living in the family room in a corner on its charger. No excuse not to pull it out for a fast clean as required!

Kids, take note!

Cats, also take note!

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  1. says: Julie Vanderwerk

    I bought the Vortex 3 weeks ago and it started spewing out dust.
    The shop assistant at Warringah Mall Brookvale store told me the neck needed to be cleaned out as it gets clogged.
    I was not told about this when I bought it, and I think it’s disgusting that a brand new $600 vacuum needs to be fixed within 2 weeks of buying it.
    I’m very unimpressed!!!!!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Oh dear, that’s so annoying for you. I must admit that I always read manuals really carefully these days before I start using any kind of electronic equipment after being caught a few too many times. I do find that the Stickvac’s two dust catcher bits need cleaned out almost every time I use their piece. My house gets pretty dirty! have just got into that habit now anyway, so empty it every time I use it as it’s small, as is the entire machine. I hope you have got over the issue and are finding the other features work well.

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