Summer In the Suburbs: How Sydney Families Can Enjoy A Staycation This Christmas

Christmas is the most joyful and magical time of the year – a celebration we wait for right from the beginning of the year. Festive decorations and colorful lights set our spirits high and we are all in a merry mood.

With family and friends, we make multiple plans to make our holidays the BEST. Travel, definitely, tops everyone’s list. We all want to escape to the best locations in the world to make our Christmas celebrations special.

But if due to last-minute changes, monetary constraints, or any other reason you are home-stuck, worry not. You and your family can still have the most wonderful time while enjoying your Christmas Staycation in Sydney – within your budget and all soaked up in the company of your loved ones. And trust me, with the plans we have for you, your friends are going to envy you!

So come, let’s count the ways in which you and your family can enjoy the Holiday Season in Sydney:

Christmas staycation

Travel the World Without Going to Places

A festive mood calls for an extravagant feast. So what if you are not travelling to your favorite holiday destination, you can still bring the whole world right onto your dining table. So prep up and treat your family to the most extravagant seven-course gourmet meal. Bake the most exotic international Christmas delicacies and rock a Christmas party right in your home, savouring the best from around the world.

You can even make it a family event and ask your family members to help you bake a storm right in your kitchen.

Set Up a Delightful Christmas Movie Night for Yourself and Your Kids

Draw in those kids’ curtains, decorate the room with sparkly snowflake streamers, throw in those red and white colored tablecloths and bring in some delicious snowman-themed treats. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, light up some candles, and get ready to celebrate an ultimate, fun-filled Christmas movie night.

Choose the best Christmas movies – ones that delight you and your kids alike. From Harry Potter to One Magic Christmas, Home Alone, and Last Christmas, there are numerous Christmas specials that can keep you and your kids glued to your seats. All night long! It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Groove to Your Favorite Tunes or Set Up a Karaoke Night

Put on your party shoes and be the dancing diva you are. Stir up some Christmas cheer with disco lights in the background, play your favorite Christmas party songs, and make way for a truly electrifying event.

Alternatively, you can even set up a family karaoke night and sing and groove to the tunes of some of the most challenging and famous Christmas songs. Pleasant, fun, and easy to organize, music can help you bring the whole family together and can make your Christmas evening a memorable one.

Explore the Christmas Markets of Sydney with Family and Friends

Vibrant, colorful, and beautifully lit – the charm of Christmas markets is like no other. And Sydney has no shortage of them. Whether you are living in the city or the surrounding suburbs, strolling your local Christmas markets should definitely be on your to-do list. Wander through the decorative laneways, browse the alluring stall, savor the exquisite delicacies, and pick up unique Christmas gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Sydney Christmas Markets have numerous rides and fun-filled activities to keep the kids entertained.

Take a Quick Escapade to a Nearby Locale

From the Central Coast to the Royal National Park, there are numerous drive-away beaches and destinations in Sydney where you can spend some marvellous outdoor time with your family and friends. With crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, and breathtaking views, these laid-back coastal treasures serve to be the perfect family getaways for Sydneysiders.

Head on to one of these coastal destinations with your family and marvel at the exquisite nature. These picture-perfect paradises are best for fishing, snorkelling, surfing, and more. Loaded with numerous water sports activities, these stunning Christmas holiday destinations surely have something for everyone!

Check into a Nearby Resort for a Relaxing Festive Retreat

Enjoy a weekend of pampering at a nearby resort and soak yourself in luxury and grandeur. With views of dazzling harbour lines, classy room service, world-class amenities, and scrumptious meals, there are numerous classy Sydney staycations in town. They all promise to sweep you off your feet, and relax and unwind like never before.

So ditch those tiring road trips and expensive holiday plans, check into one of the luxurious resorts near you, and experience luxury at its finest. You’ll thank yourself for this one!

Plan a Trip to the Sydney Zoo

Take your little animal lovers to the Sydney zoo and let them experience wildlife in all its glory. Introduce them to the king. Let them buddy up with Gentoo penguins, meet the kangaroos, befriend the Meerkat, and get a closer look at the exotic animals and some of the largest reptile and nocturnal creatures.

Just a 40-minute drive away from the city, this award-winning attraction will definitely spruce up your Christmas holidays.

Not travelling during Christmas? No problem! You don’t always have to always travel to make your Christmas celebration special. The most memorable Christmas holidays are those that are soaked in the company of your loved ones.

So take cues from our tips and plan a fun Christmas holiday without splurging on expensive holidays and pricey air tickets. Just the right plan and some brilliant execution can make your Sydney Christmas staycation extra special. So plan right andhave the most amazing time of your life!  

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