Malt Loaf Recipe For A Bread Maker

I’ve got a bit of a thing for malt extract. We used to eat it by the spoonful when I was little, and I always craved it when pregnant. Whenever life gets tough I buy a tin of malt extract and stir a spoonful into warm soy milk for a treat. So a malt loaf recipe for a bread maker leapt off the page of the instruction leaflet of my new machine.

Eureka! Slices of warm malt loaf with butter melting on top awaited me… I got straight into it.

NB I know some people call this a malt bread recipe for a bread maker… but here in Australia where I live and in Scotland where I grew up, we always, always call it a malt loaf.

malt loaf made in breadmaker
Malt loaf in four photos!
Malt Loaf Recipe For A Bread Maker

Malt Loaf Recipe For A Bread Maker


  • 1 cup lukewarm water (240ml)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tbs sunflower oil
  • 1.5 tbs black treacle
  • 2 tbs malt extract
  • 3 cups plain strong white flour (432g)
  • 1 tsp fast-action yeast


    1. Put the ingredients into the bread maker pan in the order above.

    2. Put pan into the bread maker. Set for about 2.5 hours. This recipe used the Speciality setting on the Morphy Richards.

    3. Set and forget… then suddenly remember when the smell permeates the house.

    4. Eat in huge slices drowned in butter.

    5. Plan the exercise you will take to burn off all that energy you’ve just ingested.

malt loaf in bread maker simple recipe
Ah me, the smell of this freshly baked malt loaf was positively intoxicating

My aim of eating low carb dinners has been dealt a deadly blow by the arrival of this bread maker. Clearly, I need to try the delay function, set it to start at about 4am and then eat the yummy bread for breakfast.

If you’ve never felt the need to knead, but you love the idea of making fresh, crusty bread for the family, do try a bread maker.

I keep mine out on the bench top and am using it a lot. Thank god for a big kitchen for my big hungry family!

I just need to fling in the ingredients and then two to three hours later the most delicious smell of baking bread comes wafting through the house. We’ve often made a loaf just before dinner and then scoffed the whole loaf during the meal. Warm bread, cut into doorsteps, with heaps of butter… need I say more?

white loaf
Look at this gorgeous loaf. This is a crusty white loaf, my four children absolutely love this one. We ripped this one into pieces and they dipped into into chicken and sweetcorn soup
Here’s our family’s hard-working bread maker.
bread good
This is a wholegrain load, I used a Laucke premix for this one. The bread is scrumptious.

Not that I didn’t have a few hiccups on the way.

I learned, the hard way, that it’s a great idea to read the manual carefully before flinging the ingredients into the bowl.

white bread fail
This is what happened when I put the flour in before the water. Oops.
german loaf
I didn’t measure the yeast carefully enough here, and must have put in too much, I think
bread box
Another Laucke bread mix that we have loved.

Before this bread maker, I had made the odd loaf, usually using one of the bread mixes from the supermarket. So, starting out, I went back to those. This German Grain mix is really great, making dense bread with a fantastic nutty flavour.

german grain
The German Grain, a solid and very nutritious loaf

Learning to Use The Bread Maker

I have a quibble with Morphy Richards, the text in the instructions is too small.  So I was constantly having to hunt around for my glasses when starting out. The good thing though is that when I found the glasses, the information given is comprehensive. So my advice, study that manual.

The basic method is just to measure all the ingredients carefully into the bowl, starting with the water, then flour then yeast.  Then pop the bowl into the machine, choose your setting, set the timer if you like and press ‘go.’ So simple. And the bead is so good. I do think that my favourite \recipe for the bread maker is the malt loaf at the top of this article. Time to make another loaf….

 Are you a bread maker?

A would-be bread maker?

Any top tips for the novice?

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  1. says: Amanda

    I love our breadmaker! Making my own is a much easier way to have fresh bread in the house, than putting the kids in the car and heading the shop.
    Your model must be different to mine. I have to put the yeast in first, then the flour and the water last – to make sure the yeast doesn’t touch the water until it’s ready to go. Your malt bread looks delicious – I’ll have to give it a burl.

    I meant to check in last week, but I got caught up. How are you travelling?
    Thinking of you x

    1. says: Seana

      Hello there, had such a disaster when I did put the flour in first. But I wonder how the whole bread, flour, yeast thing would go if it is delayed 9 hours or so to bake for morning.

      Hubby came home which is a huge relief. But feel am going a bit mad today and need to plan ahead well for May as he’s away the whole month. Off to Scotland next week with two of the children, think I’m all fired up about that too, exciting and emotional too as several rellies are old and/or unwell.

  2. says: Kylez

    I’ve never made brad but I like the idea of it. Mostly I like the smell! My kitchen is way too small for a breadmaker at the moment though, as we struggle to fit in the few appliances we do have (sandwich press, toaster, slow cooker and steamer, all of which get used a great deal) so I think a bread maker will have to wait for that fabulous time when we get around to renovating our kitchen!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  3. says: Lisa Wood

    oh I love the smell of freshly cooked bread in the house! We used to have a bread maker (actually we have had three over our times) and I so miss it. There is nothing like fresh hot cooked bread with honey/butter spread over it. I love the idea of trying a break maker for other recipes!

  4. says: Lydia C lee

    I am not a bread maker, but I am a bread eater and I LOVE hot bread. I think about getting a bread maker but I’d probably never use it (to thine own self be true)…serioously though, nothing smells better than baking bread.

  5. says: Rebecca Mugridge

    I love freshly baked bread.
    There is something so magical about that smell as it bakes…
    I don’t have a bread maker so make mine the old fashioned way and also buy it but will look into getting one I think 🙂 X

  6. says: Grace

    I can just imagine the beautiful aroma in your kitchen when that bread maker’s at work!
    I love the idea of owning one but I definitely would have to throw my weight-loss plan out the window!

    1. says: Seana

      Yes, Grace, you are right, it’d be so easy to stack on the kilos. Because, naturally, one must lather on the butter when eating hot bread. Restraint required… and luckily the kids scoff it by the bucketful so it disappears fast.

  7. you know thats possibly the only gadget i dont have. i dont know why i’d love to make bread! hmm bday coming up ….
    Looks great loved the German one (not so much the flour first one)

    1. says: Vivian KENNETT

      I want to make a malt loaf in my bread maker but the ingredients says use plain flour ? but in another recipe it states use Strong White flour but having difficulty buying it ?

  8. says: Emily

    My mum let me borrow hers when I had two young kids and I thought i would use it but I barely struggled to breathe, but now I have 3 kids and am hardly sane I would LOVE to have my mums bread maker back! Thanks for reminding me Seana 🙂 xx

  9. says: robyn

    I mustn’t have any Scotsman in me, because I have a bread maker that I don’t use enough! My Mum has recently gotten into sourdough in a big way though, so she keeps me in fresh bread pretty well 🙂

  10. says: Kyla

    Oh Malt Loaf *sigh* I love it but it goes straight to my thighs and clings like dimpled tar.

    When we were in the UK I made bread every week – the old school way with the kneeding and the rising and the oven. I’d kill for a breadmaker but I’m not allowed any more kitchen gadgets.

  11. says: Diana

    Im a 75yr old pensioner living on my own. My daughter bought me my breadmaker last birthday and I use it most days. I LOVE that first crusty piece with butter and marmite!
    This year I plan to wade thro all the recipes starting with malt loaf.
    But will have to freeze some, cos my hips are spreading!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I can completely relate. The breadmaker means that I am eating lots more bread… it would be a shame not to slather it in butter. I haven’t yet managed to get it to work on delayed timer overnight but must learn to as it’d be great to wake up to fresh bread… and good for me to eat more in the morning and less in the evening!

  12. says: Michele West

    Discovered your Malt Bread recipe for my Breadmaker and gave it a whirl today … OMG … is now one of our favorites. I have an old Sunbeam breadmaker that needs the yeast first, then everything else and water last and it worked beautifully, though I did cook it longer, used the Sweet setting and ensured that everything was a room temperature. Thank you, thank you, thank you from my husband (expat Glaswegian)

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hooray!! I’m an East Coaster but was also brought up on malt loaf, and lived in Glasgow for a few years last century- say hello to your husband xx

  13. says: Evie

    Thank you for this , have been looking for a recipe like this for ages. Tried it and we enjoyed the taste and texture. Well done.

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