Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths, Mosman – Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids

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Well, it’s not great weather for a beach post this week but here’s one anyway.

Because of course, Clifton Gardens has the lovely playground,plus a kiosk, so it’s a terrific destination at any time of the year.

Clifton Gardens playground

The terrific playground!

Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths

Morella Road Clifton Gardens 2088

Council website info here.

One of the loveliest harbour beaches, a long slim stretch of sand with a lengthy jetty, a swimming enclosure, a playground and a large reserve behind.

From the beach there are wonderful views over to Neilsen Park and the eastern suburbs, as well as the constant buzz of the harbour with the Manly ferries ploughing by.

Rocky bush-covered headlands enclose each end of the beach with bush behind, so the birdlife is plentiful and one feels far away from the big smoke.

The swimming enclosure covers one-half of the beach, the other half is open. The jetty is used by fishermen and is a lovely area for children to explore with their parents.  There is often a bit of litter and debris in the baths area, but on the other hand the jetty is great for jumping off!Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths

The large and flat reserve has lots of lovely trees, picnic tables, an excellent playground and space for games, bikes and general zooming around. The carpark is at one side of the reserve and there is no other road so this is a very safe place for kids.

Cafes: Bacino Cafe Kiosk is at the end of the beach, so handy for a cuppa, but you need to cross sand, not easy with a stroller!!

Toilets: Yes, with change rooms and showers

Shade: Trees on reserve, plus some shade from the cliffs at the eastern end of the beach

Playground: Yes, a large climbing and slide structure at the eastern end of the reserve, plus swings and rockers, read all about it here.

Shark net: Yes

Mum’s report: This is a lovely safe spot for kids. But do watch the jetty—it’s nerve-wracking watching a toddler set off at high speed along the jetty alone!

Extra: Taronga Park Zoo is a short drive away

Map reference: Gregory’s 317 E12, Sydway 278 J4, UBD 217 E12

Parking: Pay carpark

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths Toilet

The changing room and toilet block

Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths

A school picnic at Clifton Gardens

Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths

The baths area on a windy day

Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths

Looking from the jetty to the beach

Clifton Gardens satellite picture

Satellite image from Google maps

Shall we meet there on a sunny winter’s day?

Or wait until summer and leap madly off the jetty?

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Posted on: May 30, 2012


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