17 Cheap Parking in Sydney To Save Your Money

The Importance of Finding Cheap Parking in Sydney! 

When travelling to Sydney on a budget for your kids’ school holidays in 2023, locating car parks that fit your budget becomes imperative for any visitor. Securing affordable parking options remains integral as it aids individuals in making informed decisions about optimising their overall experience while managing their expenditures wisely throughout the city.

Whether planning to check out famous landmarks like the aquarium or merely wandering through lively streets of Sydney, choosing car parks favourably situated near major locations with reasonable hourly charges can lift your overall experience towards greater heights.

Tips like exploring public transport networks or opting for economical public garages serve as cost-cutting methods that ease navigation within the city while avoiding unnecessary depositing upon premium priced public garages or metered street parking tactics. By keeping yourself knowledgeable and resourceful about cheap park areas in Sydney, you can guarantee an easy-going and cost-effective adventure while enjoying all that this vibrant metropolis has to offer. 

Cheap parking in Sydney: Find cheap car parking near you

5 Best Cheap Parking in Sydney

Table of Contents

1. Sydney Park Road, Alexandria: Free street parking is available in this area. An Obvious CHEAP PARKING IN SYDNEY !

2. Enmore Road, Enmore: Some sections of Enmore Road offer Free Parking.

3. Booth Street, Annandale: You can find Free Parking on certain sections of Booth Street.

4. William Street, Darlinghurst: Limited FREE Parking Spots are available on William Street. But its still a cheap parking in Sydney option!

5. Cowper Street, Glebe: Free parking can be found on Cowper Street. When its FREE — we can say it one of the cheap parking in Sydney

Please note that availability may vary, and it’s always a good idea to check for any parking restrictions or time limits in the specific areas before parking.

Park smart in Sydney: Discover budget-friendly car parking options in the city

7 Affordable Cheap Parking in Sydney

Here are some affordable parking spaces in Sydney along with their hourly rates and car capacity:

  1. Harris Street Car Park – 320 Harris Street, Sydney
    • Hourly parking starting from $5.00 – cheap parking in Sydney
    • Car capacity: Accommodates standard-sized cars
  2. Zenith Centre Car Park – 6 McIntosh Street, Chatswood
    • Hourly parking starting from $6.00
    • Car capacity: Accommodates standard-sized cars
  3. World Square Car Park – 50 Goulburn Street, Sydney
    • Hourly parking starting from $9.00
    • Car capacity: Accommodates standard-sized cars
  4. 12 Help Street Car Park – 12 Help Street, Chatswood
    • Hourly parking starting from $6.00
    • Car capacity: Accommodates standard-sized cars
  5. Albert Avenue Car Park – 67 Albert Avenue, Chatswood
    • Hourly parking starting from $6.00
    • Car capacity: Accommodates standard-sized cars
  6. 255 Elizabeth Street Car Park – 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
    • Hourly parking starting from $12.00
    • Car capacity: Accommodates standard-sized cars
  7. Clemenger Car Park – 118-120 Pacific Highway, St Leonards
    • Hourly parking starting from $3.00 — Cheap parking in Sydney !
    • Car capacity: Accommodates standard-sized cars

5 Budgeted Cheap Parking in Sydney

1. Darling Square Car Park

With accommodating capacity for up to 500 vehicles and close proximity to Sea Life Aquarium, visitors single it out as an ideal choice for secure parking within a reasonable charging framework starting at $5 per hour only. Must say a cheap parking in Sydney! Further added benefits involve shopping proximity with this facility located beside Junction Plaza and Chinatown that makes it a plausible dining spot.

2. Harbourside Parking

A popular option for travellers looking for inexpensive parking or cheap parking in Sydney, Harbourside Parking is a short stroll from the aquarium. It charges a $6 hourly rate and can fit up to 400 automobiles. Visitors may easily explore local sites following their aquarium visit because of the aquarium’s handy position next to the famous Pyrmont Bridge and Harbourside Shopping Centre.

3. Secure Parking at King Street Wharf

Secure Parking at King Street Wharf is a good option for travellers on a tight budget or searching for cheap parking in Sydney. Most of the visitors consider this as a budget friendly cheap parking in Sydney. With a 300-car capacity, it offers affordable prices with a $7 hourly fee. For those wishing to combine their aquarium visit with other thrilling experiences, it is an appealing alternative due to its proximity to Darling Harbour and its bustling waterfront food scene.

Parking on a budget? Check out these wallet-friendly car parks in Sydney

Credit: Secure Parking at King Street Wharf

4. Wilson Car Parking

Wilson Car Park offers cheaper pricing on weekends and at night, making it a great choice for cheap parking in Sydney for families and weekend visitors. With enough for 250 cars, it is practical and economical. Families may spend an affordable day at the aquarium because the hourly rate during sale times is only $4. It provides quick access to other recreational spaces and is situated close to Darling Quarter and Tumbalong Park. One of the cheap parking in Sydney, but with a small car parking capacity.

5. ICC Sydney Parking

With 600 parking spaces available, the ICC Sydney parking lot is conveniently located near Sydney Aquarium. With an hourly charge of $8, it provides affordable pricing for its strategic position. Visitors may readily visit adjacent hotspots including Barangaroo Reserve and the thriving food district at Cockle Bay Wharf.

Visitors can save money and benefit from easy access to numerous well-known locations by taking into account these top five affordable parking or cheap parking in Sydney alternatives near Sydney Aquarium. These parking choices offer the ideal combination of cost and convenience to improve your aquarium experience, from retail districts to famous monuments.

How to Spot a Free Parking Space in Sydney

Picture this: You’re driving through the bustling streets of Sydney, searching for that elusive parking space. You navigate through congested roads, circle around blocks, and hope for a stroke of luck to find a spot without breaking the bank.

Sound familiar?

Well, you’re not alone. Parking in Sydney can be a daunting and expensive task, but fear not! In this section, we’re going to reveal some valuable tips and tricks to help you uncover those hidden gems of free parking spaces and cheap parking in Sydney CBD area.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these strategies will empower you to save your hard-earned dollars while still conveniently finding a place to park. So searching for a cheap parking in Sydney is always advised to save few dollars that you can actually invest in your kids holiday activities.

Cheap car parking deals in Sydney: Park your vehicle without emptying your wallet

8 Tips to Explore more of Cheap Parking in Sydney

Here are the quick tips that can help you find few of the cheap parking in Sydney. So yeah! Do follow these tips..

#Tip 1: Street Parking

Look for areas where street parking is available for free. Keep an eye out for signs indicating parking restrictions, time limits, or permit zones. Some residential areas may offer unrestricted street parking. A free or one of the cheap parking in Sydney!

#Tip 2: Suburban Neighborhoods

Explore suburban neighborhoods where parking restrictions are generally less strict compared to central areas. You may have better chances of finding free parking spots in these areas.

#Tip 3: Public Parks and Reserves

Some public parks and reserves in Sydney may offer free parking. Research parks near your destination and check if they have designated parking areas.

#Tip 4:   Beaches and Coastal Areas

Some beachside areas may provide free parking options. However, during peak times or holidays, parking may be limited, so it’s best to arrive early.

#Tip 5: Shopping Centers and Malls

Some shopping centers and malls may offer free parking for a limited time. Check their parking policies and look for any time limits or restrictions.

Park with peace of mind and save money: Cheap car parking options in Sydney

#Tip 6: Check Online Resources

Utilize websites or apps that provide information on free parking spaces in Sydney. These platforms often rely on user-contributed data, so be sure to verify the information and check for recent updates.

#Tip 7: Public Transport Interchanges

 Some public transport interchanges, such as train stations or bus terminals, may offer free parking for commuters. However, note any time restrictions or limitations imposed on parking in these areas.

#Tip 8: Time-Limited Parking

In certain areas, there might be time-limited parking spaces that are free within a specific time frame. Pay attention to signs and check if you can park for free during certain hours.

Remember to always comply with local parking regulations and respect any time limits or restrictions in place. Be cautious of private parking lots or areas that may charge a fee. Additionally, keep in mind that free parking spaces may be limited, especially in busy areas, so it’s advisable to plan ahead and have alternative options available.

How to Find Cheap Parking in Sydney?

Even though it could be challenging to locate inexpensive parking close to Sydney Aquarium, you can do it with the right strategies and avoid paying high costs. After all you would want to spend less for the parking and get hold of few cheap parking in Sydney. So, here are some helpful hints:

1. Arrive early or stay late

Timing is important for parking. Parking costs can frequently be reduced by arriving earlier in the day or later in the evening. Plan your visit accordingly to take advantage of the discounts offered by several parking lots during non-peak times.

2. Avoid peak hours

Busier and more expensive parking tends to be available during peak hours, such as weekends or lunchtime. Plan your visit as far in advance as you can to avoid crowds and expensive periods. This not only helps you save money, but it also makes the experience more fun and laid back.

Parking made affordable: Find Sydney's best deals for cheap car parking.

3. Reserve a space further away

Although it would be alluring to find a cheap parking in Sydney close to the aquarium. Reserving a space farther away is frequently more cost-effective. In order to find cheaper parking, look for locations a little bit farther from tourist hotspots. Remember that a brief walk might be a negligible cost in exchange for sizable savings.

4.  Take public transportation

If you want to get to the aquarium, think about taking the bus, train, or tram. This may completely eliminate the requirement for parking and spare you from the stress of looking for a space. Not only is public transit economical, but it also lessens traffic congestion and environmental impact.

You may efficiently save money on parking near Sydney Aquarium by using these aquarium parking space and low-cost parking techniques. Always remember to schedule your visit thoughtfully, think about alternate modes of transportation, and look into parking lots a little farther away for more reasonable rates. You may have a delightful and cost-effective aquarium excursion by using these money-saving strategies.

Best Apps for Free Parking/ Cheap Parking in Sydney or in Sydney Aquarium

When planning an unforgettable visit to the mesmerizing city of Sydney, the availability of affordable or even free parking or cheap parking in Sydney can truly elevate your entire experience. Imagine the joy of effortlessly securing a parking spot without breaking the bank. But wait, there’s more! In addition to the aforementioned options, brace yourself for a game-changer: as we have collected innovative mobile applications that will enable you to find parking spots with ease. 


Parkopedia is a popular parking app that offers comprehensive information about parking locations, rates, and availability in Sydney. While it primarily focuses on paid parking, the app also includes user-contributed data on free parking areas. By using Parkopedia, you can easily find nearby free parking spaces or cheap parking in Sydney or learn about parking restrictions and time limits in specific areas. BTW, if you’re looking driving instructors, check out EzLicense here

Divvy Parking

Divvy Parking is a platform that connects drivers with unused parking spaces, including both commercial and private parking areas. While most spaces on Divvy Parking require payment, some hosts may offer free parking options. By exploring the app, you might come across homeowners or businesses willing to provide free parking near Sydney Aquarium or cheap parking in Sydney CBD area!

 Parking Made Easy

Parking Made Easy is an app that helps drivers find affordable parking options, including both paid and free spaces. Users can search for available parking spots in specific areas, and some hosts may offer free parking options during certain times or conditions. This app can be a valuable resource for finding cost-effective or even free parking near Sydney Aquarium or cheap parking in Sydney.

Cheap car parking deals in Sydney: Park your vehicle without emptying your wallet

Credit: Parking Made Easy

Share with Oscar

Share with Oscar is a peer-to-peer parking app that connects drivers with hosts who have available parking spaces. While most listings on the app require payment, you may find hosts who offer free parking or cheap parking in Sydney CBD or negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement. It’s worth checking Share with Oscar for potential free parking options near Sydney Aquarium.

Council Websites & Local Resources

Local councils and government websites often provide information about free parking zones, cheap parking in Sydney CBD and time-limited parking areas in Sydney. By visiting the websites of the relevant councils or contacting their offices, you can find detailed information about any free parking spaces near Sydney Aquarium. These resources can be particularly helpful in uncovering lesser-known parking options.

When it comes to utilising parking apps, a few key strategies can greatly enhance your chances of finding free parking near Sydney Aquarium. Here’s how you can maximise your app usage and increase your odds of securing that cost-saving parking spot:

1. Explore Multiple Apps

While it may be tempting to rely on just one parking app, examining various apps can provide a greater selection of options for figuring out cheap parking in Sydney. Various applications may feature varied amounts of user-contributed data, host listings, or exclusive discounts. You may cast a broader net and discover additional options for free parking near Sydney Aquarium by using a combination of apps.

2. Set Filters and Notifications

Most parking apps allow you to customise your filters and notifications. Use these tools by narrowing your search criteria, such as free parking or cheap parking in Sydney for specified time frames. Enabling notifications will also send you updates about newly listed free parking spaces or last-minute availability, enhancing your chances of securing a desirable place.

3. Check User Reviews and Photos

Read user ratings and go through supplemental photographs before choosing a free parking spot or cheap parking in Sydney that appears on an app. Reviews can offer insightful information about the parking location’s dependability, safety, and accessibility. Photos can provide you with a visual picture, assisting you in determining whether the area is suitable for your vehicle and convenient in general.

Low-cost parking made easy: Navigate Sydney's cheap car park options

4. Plan Ahead

Planning beforehand is essential due to the scarce availability of free parking or cheap parking in Sydney close to Sydney Aquarium. Find out whether there are any road closures, popular event dates, or peak visiting times that can affect parking. You may tailor your visit accordingly, improve your chances of finding free parking, and prevent needless frustration by taking these things into account.

5. Have Backup Options

Parking applications are a helpful tool, but it’s also important to have back-up plans in case free parking is hard to come by or unavailable. Examine alternate parking choices, such as on-street parking nearby, park-and-ride facilities off-site, or public transportation possibilities. You can be sure you’re ready for any parking situation by having backup plans.

You can navigate the world of free parking near Sydney Aquarium with greater confidence if you follow these methods and use the power of parking applications. Remember to be proactive, adaptable, and patient in your search, and to always have backup plans. Now, let’s embark on the exciting voyage of visiting Sydney Aquarium, confident in the knowledge that you’ve found a cost-effective parking solution.


In addition to the previously mentioned cheap parking in Sydney options, utilising parking apps such as Parkopedia, Divvy Parking, Parking Made Easy, and Share with Oscar can assist you in finding free or heavily discounted parking spaces near Sydney Aquarium. Additionally, exploring the websites of local councils and government authorities can provide valuable information on free parking zones in the area.

Remember to check the availability, terms, and restrictions of each parking option whether its a free or cheap parking in Sydney, check the relevant user reviews or ratings. With these tools and resources at your disposal, you can optimise your parking experience and enjoy your visit to Sydney Aquarium without breaking the bank. Happy parking and enjoy your time exploring the wonders of the aquarium!


Is there any free parking in Sydney?

Yes, there are some areas in Sydney where you can find free parking. Some examples of free parking spots include specific sections of streets in suburban neighborhoods, public parks and reserves, and beachside areas. However, availability may vary, and checking for any parking restrictions or time limits in specific areas is always recommended before parking.

How much does it cost to park in Sydney?

The cost of parking in Sydney can vary depending on the location and duration of parking. Here are some examples of minimum parking costs in certain areas:

Please note that these costs could change at any time, so it’s always a good idea to double-check them before deciding.

How much is street parking in Sydney City?

The cost of street parking in Sydney City varies according on location and parking zone. In general, street parking rates in Sydney City range from approximately $4.00 to $7.00 per hour. However, it’s important to note that parking rates and time restrictions may vary within different areas of the city. 

Where can I park my car in Sydney?

You can park your car in Sydney at:

  • Street Parking: Look for designated spots along streets, but check for parking restrictions.
  • Parking Garages and Car Parks: Available in commercial and residential areas for a fee.
  • Public Transport Interchanges: Some offer parking facilities for commuters.
  • Shopping Centers and Malls: They provide parking spaces, either free for a limited time or with a fee.
  • Park and Ride Facilities: Allows parking and use of public transport to reach the city center.

Remember to follow parking rules and check for any restrictions or time limits to avoid fines or towing.

Why is parking in Sydney so expensive?

Parking in Sydney is expensive due to high demand and limited availability of parking spaces, especially in central and popular areas. The scarcity of parking spots drives up the prices. Additionally, high land costs, maintenance expenses, and operational costs associated with parking facilities contribute to the overall expense.

Is there free public transport in Sydney?

No, public transport in Sydney is only partially free. However, there are certain instances where you may be eligible for free travel, such as children under a certain age, seniors with valid concession cards, and specific government-funded initiatives or promotional events.

 Is Sydney Metro parking free?

No, parking at Sydney Metro stations is not free. Most Sydney Metro stations have parking facilities, but they typically require payment. The parking rates vary depending on the specific station and duration of parking.

Is parking expensive in Australia? 

Parking costs in Australia can vary depending on the location. Major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane tend to have higher parking fees due to high demand and limited space. Parking rates can be significant, especially in busy areas or central business districts. However, parking costs may be lower or even free in certain suburban or less congested areas.

Is parking free on Sundays in Sydney?

Parking regulations and fees on Sundays in Sydney vary depending on the specific area and parking zone. While some places may offer free parking on Sundays, it’s essential to check the signage or consult local authorities to determine the specific parking rules and fees applicable to the area you plan to park in.

How much is Australian daily parking?

The cost of daily parking in Australia can vary depending on the location, city, and type of parking facility. Daily parking rates can range from a few dollars to more substantial amounts, depending on factors such as proximity to city centers, demand, and any additional services the parking facility provides.

Where can you park for free at Sydney beaches? 

Finding entirely free parking at Sydney beaches can be challenging, particularly during peak times. However, some beaches may have limited free parking spots along nearby streets or residential areas. When considering parking near Sydney beaches, it’s essential to check for any parking restrictions, time limits, or permit requirements. Alternatively, some beaches offer paid parking options through designated parking lots or beachfront parking areas.

How does parking work in Sydney?

Parking in Sydney operates through various regulations and systems. Street parking typically requires payment during specified hours, and users can use parking meters or pay-and-display machines. Ticketed parking lots and parking garages are available, where users receive a ticket upon entry and pay the designated fee before exiting. Residential parking permits are also available in certain areas. It’s important to check signage and adhere to parking regulations to avoid fines or penalties.

Is street parking free on public holidays in Sydney?

Yes, street parking is generally free on public holidays in Sydney. However, checking local council regulations or signage is advisable, as some areas may still enforce parking restrictions or have time limits on public holidays.

Is Sydney Metro parking free?

No, parking at Sydney Metro stations is not free. Most Sydney Metro stations have parking facilities that require payment. The parking rates can vary depending on the specific station and duration of parking.

How much is the no parking fine in Sydney?

The amount for a no-parking fine (parking violation or infringement) in Sydney can vary depending on the specific offense and location. The fines typically range from around $112 to $337, depending on the severity of the violation. It’s important to adhere to parking regulations to avoid receiving such fines.

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