Huntley Berry Farm near Orange: Family Fruit Picking and Animals

Sweet, juicy, succulent and eaten straight from the bush, berries are a scrumptious summer treat. If you’re visiting Orange with the family anytime between November and April, then do check out Huntley Berry Farm.

Huntley Berry Farm 10
Huntley Berry Farm 7

Huntley Berry Farm is just 14 km from Orange, a 15 – 20 minute journey by car through pretty, rolling countryside.

Once there, you can pop into the shop to ask which fruits and veggies are ripe for the picking and to collect a basket.

We headed for the raspberry canes first. The fruit were small but sweet, very prickly to hunt through.

Huntley Berry Farm 5

My mum grows raspberries in Scotland, much bigger ones though. They love a frost in winter. The kids learned to find the ripe rasps which slip easily from the bush.

The strawberry fields (forever!) were next and here’s a photo of Mr10 with a friendly scarecrow.

Huntley Berry Farm 2
Huntley Berry farm in Orange
These berries were particularly sweet and flavoursome. Nothing so yummy as a sun-warmed strawberry straight from the bush. What a difference from chilled ones found in supermarkets.
Huntley Berry Farm in Orange New south wales
A huge luscious strawb… it was almost a shame to buy and eat them, so pretty were they.

At the farm, there’s a shop where you have the fruit weighed and where you pay.  They also sell honey, olive oil, pickles, jams, jellies and more.

There’s also a simple cafe where we had coffees, rolls and salad and ice cream.

Huntley Berry Farm playground
And this large playground is in one of the fields, you can really spend hours here.
Animals Huntley Berry Farm
There are farm animals and pets at Huntley Berry farm too, we loved the lazing piggies and the shy alpacas, plus the dozens of guinea pigs.
Huntley Berry Farm 1

We picked a rockmelon and then some zucchini and ended our journey in the blackberry canes. Lush!

I love that Huntley Berry Farm is a Disability Employment Service, run by a local group called OCTEC.  It’s great to know that people are getting good employment there and learning useful skills too.

Huntley Berry Farm

Huntley Berry Farm Details

Address:  Huntley Road, Huntley via Orange NSW 2800

Phone: 02 6365 5282 and 0427 252 308


Facebook page here

Huntley Berry Farm website here

It’s a good idea to check ahead to see which fruit is being picked, and to double-check opening times.

Hope you have a berry good time.

Huntley Berry Farm Map

Find lots more things to do with kids in Orange here.

We are very much enjoying our stay here!

Happy travels.

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  1. says: Iouri Dessiatnik

    What’s a point to publish your phone numbers and your email if nobody responds. Should I spend 5 hrs of the drive from Sydney, pay for the accommodation, petrol and restaurant in Orange just to clarify whether there is red currant to pick up if nobody responds of phone call and emails.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hello Iouri, this is Seana here from Hello Sydney Kids. I am the owner of this website and wrote this article after visiting Huntley Berry farm. I think you think that I run the farm
      and should be the one picking up the phone. But I do not manage Huntley Berry Farm. I have just called the number for Huntley and heard a message with info about strawberry picking. I do not know whether red currants are in season at the moment. Perhaps you could try asking that question on the Facebook page?

      There are all sorts of fruit picking opportunities around Orange and the Central West, cherries at the moment. Delicious! Your frustration is clear, and I am so sorry to hear that Huntley Berry Farm has not responded to you in a timely fashion. Personally I would not drive five hours and pay for accomm just to check if there are redcurrants!!

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