Sydney’s Best Playgrounds- Lionel Watts, Frenchs Forest

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Don’t you just love it when your playground has a makeover?  It’s almost as good as having a mum makeover yourself?  Umm… maybe not!

This is one of our very favourite local playgrounds.  My little ones are loving it even more since it was revamped.  We’re here a lot at the weekend when the big boys play league on the sports fields so it’s fab that it’s such a great spot.

Lionel Watts Reserve Playground

Blackbutts Road, Frenchs Forest 2086

Website:, Community, Playgrounds

Another excellent playground from Warringah Council, this one has a bushy feel with large trees casting acres of shade.

The play equipment is spread out and a path weaves from area to area, making it ideal for bikes and trikes.

There are junior and senior play structures, swings, picnic tables and barbecues inside the playground, a dry creek with a little wooden bridge and the essential swings.

Nearest takeaway coffee: BYO

Toilets: Toilets to east side of playground, beside dog park pavilion.

Shade: Lots of natural shade

Enclosed: Yes

Mum’s report: My son loves the play structures, whizzing around the paths on his scooter and playing tea parties in the cubby house. This is a good place to meet up with friends for a picnic. Great too when the older boys are playing matches at Lionel Watts.

Extra: Close to a small shopping centre and to the Glen Street Theatre.

Map reference: Gregory’s 255 K1, Sydway 237 K1, UBD 176 E1  Google map here.

Parking: Carpark beside the playground

Bus stop nearby: Yes

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Posted on: July 21, 2011


  • Reply July 21, 2011

    Life In A Pink Fibro

    Looks like fun!

  • Reply July 21, 2011


    This is right in our neighbourhood too – I have a sneaky suspicion that we must live awfully close to each other – back when Mr 7 was a toddler we used to go there all the time with my mother’s group.

    • Reply July 23, 2011


      I think we must meet there sometime!

      • Reply July 24, 2011


        You’re on! It is nice to know there is another blogger with cooee. Are you going to Blogopolis?

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