Lionel Watts Playground and Skate Park in Frenchs Forest

The new playground at Lionel Watts Reserve in Frenchs Forest is a stunner, a terrific mix of old and new, modern and natural. And there are heaps of other attractions in this large reserve.

The playground is securely enclosed, another great plus for it.

Lionel Watts Playground 12
Welcome to Lionel Watts playground!
Lionel Watts Playground 10
Here’s the huge and very modern play structure
Lionel Watts Playground 6
And here is a cute little pathway through the plantings
Lionel Watts Playground 1
Love this cute little climbing frame and the wooden benches too.
Lionel Watts Playground
There’s a long flying fox here too

This was one of our family’s very favourite local playgrounds, we used to live just down the road from Lionel Watts Reserve.  We spent years and years playing here and I miss it now my kids have grown out of playgrounds, boo hoo. I am even sadder not to have little kids now that the playground has had this major revamp… and the toilets are inside the enclosed area, that makes life MUCH easier.

We were here a lot at the weekends when the big boys play league on the sports fields too so it’s fab that it’s such a great spot.

Lionel Watts Playground 7
Love the musical instruments section
Lionel Watts Playground 8
Thought these will be very hot in summer
Lionel Watts Playground 9
There are plenty of swings to suit all ages and abilities
Lionel Watts Playground 3
This massive swing is fun too

Lionel Watts Reserve Playground Details

Blackbutts Road, Frenchs Forest 2086

Nearest takeaway coffee: BYO, or nearest cafes are across the reserve at Glenrose Shopping centre.

Toilets: Toilets block within enclosed playground.

Shade: Shade cloth and trees provide shade.

Enclosed: Yes

Mum’s report: My son loves the play structures, whizzing around the paths on his scooter and playing tea parties in the cubby house. This is a good place to meet up with friends for a picnic. Great too when the older boys are playing matches at Lionel Watts.

Extra: Close to Glenrose Shopping Centre and to the Glen Street Theatre and Library.

Parking: Car park beside the playground, there are two in fact. The best one is beside the showground, first on the right after the Pringle Avenue roundabout. The other car park is larger and runs along the playing fields paralell to Blackbutts Road.

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Lionel Watts Playground 5
There is a space to flop and relax in the shade
Lionel Watts Playground 4
Wooden trunks and beams are great for balancing games
Lionel Watts Playground 2
Hooray for toilets within the playground area

Lionel Watts Park Playground Map

Lionel Watts Playground 14
The skate park across the playging fields is terrific for older kids too
Lionel Watts Playground 13
Bring trikes and bikes and whizz right around the dog park/ showground oval beside the playground.

Lionel Watts Playground 11
All in all, this playground is very impressive, with something for all ages and a pleasant space for parents too. Thank you Northern Beaches Council.

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