A Day Out at Parramatta Park Sydney

Go west (if you live east) or go east (if you live west)! Make a day out of a visit to the fabulous Parramatta Park Sydney.

Kids will love exploring historic buildings, terrific playgrounds, cafes and easy walks, plus so much space to simply run around.

There’s masses to discover within its 85 tranquil hectares, including several kilometres of roadway, all on a one-way system, with a dedicated pedestrian lane plus cycling lane.

parramatta park sydney


A Day Out at Parramatta Park Sydney

  • Start your day with a coffee at the Gatehouse Tea Rooms at Macquarie Street Gatehouse before stretching your legs walking the 3.2km loop.
  • Stop at the Domain Creek playground or the historic Dairy & Rangers Cottages along the way.
  • Have lunch at the Grounds Keeper Cafe at the George Street Gatehouse, close to Old Government House and Pavilion Flat playground.
  • It is then a short stroll back to where you began.

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Parramatta Park map - parramatta park sydney


Parramatta Park Historic Buildings

Old Government House is the oldest remaining public building in Australia and dates back to 1788. Pop in for a guided tour (Tuesday-Sunday) to learn about early colonial times and see the unique colonial furniture within.

Read more about Old Government House here.

Old Government House 01 Jonathan Miller

To the north of Old Government House, overlooking the Parramatta River, are The Dairy and Rangers Cottages. Built by ex-convicts, these historic cottages can be viewed on a self-guided walking tour (print out your guide at home) or by occasional guided tours (book in advance).

Parramatta Park Playgrounds

Pavilion Flat Playground is near the George Street Gatehouse on the eastern side of the park. It is not huge, but has a good variety of play equipment with swings, spring rockers, a rope climbing web, playhouse, slides and more. A large wooden boat-shaped area is great for creative play.

The lush grassy slopes by the playground make a great picnic spot. Large shaded picnic huts are also within sight and walking distance of the playground.

Parramatta Park Playgrounds1_3
The ship play structure at Pavilion Flat

Domain Creek Playground on the western side of the park is especially good for adventurous and older children with a flying fox, slides, swings, trampolines, water pump and sand digger.

Domain Creek playground - parramatta park sydney
Domain Creek playground

Read more about both playgrounds here.


Parramatta Park Cafes

Very close to the Pavilion Flat playground is the Grounds Keeper Cafe at the George Street Gatehouse. Offering savoury treats, decadent delights and renowned coffee blend Gabriel. You can read a full review of it on Parraparents here.

Phone: 02 9808 4696

Opening hours: 8am to 4pm every day for breakfast and lunch.

Website: Grounds Keeper Cafe 

Enjoy an elegant high tea or a simpler meal or snack at the historic Gatehouse Tea Rooms at Macquarie Street Gatehouse. The kids’ high tea is particularly adorable!

Phone: 02 9635 1515

Opening hours: Tues – Friday 9am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm

Website: Gatehouse Tea Rooms

Gatehouse tearooms Parramatta


Parramatta Park Easy Walk

Head to the left after leaving the Macquarie Street Gatehouse and tearooms to take an easy walk in a clockwise direction around the park. It’s a 3.2 km loop, which will take anything from 30-60+ minutes depending how often you stop at the playgrounds and sights along the way.

There’s always something to look at with the creek and river, playgrounds, memorials, ovals, as well as plenty of toilets dotted around for your convenience.

Note that some areas have no shade, so don’t forget a hat.

Get all the details about this Parramatta Park Stroller and Family Walk here.

parramatta park sydney


More Things To Do Beyond Parramatta Park 

If you fancy exploring beyond the boundaries of Parramatta Park, there is plenty more to do! Find all the things to do in Parramatta with kids in this post.

Or take the Parramatta Riverside Walk towards the ferry wharf.

Parramatta Riverside walk

This picturesque walk will take you past the Parramatta River Foreshore Playground, which older kids will love with its excellent slide and interesting equipment.

Parramatta Foreshore playground

At the wharf you can catch the Rivercat towards the city, which is fun and very scenic. Find out all about riding the rivercat with kids here.

Parramatta rivercat

Check out all the info about the gorgeous Lake Parramatta Reserve here, great spot for walks and swimming, plus there is a playground too.

Why is Parramatta Park such a great place to spend time with kids in Sydney?

Parramatta Park, situated in the heart of Sydney, is a verdant oasis that offers a multitude of recreational and educational opportunities for families with children, making it an exceptional destination for quality time spent together. 

As a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, the park holds historical significance, providing children with a unique opportunity to learn about Australia’s rich heritage, including its Indigenous and colonial past. 

Spread over 85 hectares, Parramatta Park boasts vast open spaces, well-manicured gardens, and picturesque picnic spots, where families can unwind and relish the scenic surroundings. Moreover, the park encompasses a diverse range of play areas specifically designed for children of different age groups, ensuring an engaging and age-appropriate experience for all. 

The Domain Creek Playground, for instance, offers innovative play equipment, including climbing nets, slides, swings, and a water play area, stimulating children’s imaginations and promoting physical activity. 

For families seeking more adventurous pursuits, the park presents cycling and walking paths that meander through the lush landscape, allowing visitors to explore the park’s natural beauty while fostering an appreciation for the environment. 

Additionally, Parramatta Park hosts a plethora of community events and cultural festivals throughout the year, providing opportunities for children to socialise and develop interpersonal skills. 

With its rich history, captivating scenery, and engaging recreational facilities, Parramatta Park serves as an exceptional venue for families with children, promoting learning, physical activity, and social interaction in a picturesque and tranquil setting.

How to reach Parramatta Park in Sydney?

To reach Parramatta Park in Sydney, visitors have multiple transport options at their disposal, ensuring a convenient and efficient journey. The park is located approximately 23 kilometres west of Sydney’s central business district and is well connected to the city by both public transport and road networks. 

For those preferring public transport, taking the train is a viable option. Alight at Parramatta Station, which is serviced by the Sydney Trains T1 Western Line, T2 Inner West & Leppington Line, and T5 Cumberland Line, and then enjoy a leisurely 10-minute walk to the park via Darcy Street and Macquarie Street. 

Alternatively, various bus routes stop near the park, including routes 546, 549, 600, 601, and 603. To plan your journey and obtain detailed timetable information, consult Transport for NSW’s trip planner website or app. 

For visitors who choose to drive, Parramatta Park is accessible via the M4 Western Motorway, with multiple parking options available within the park grounds, including the O’Connell Street car park, the Bowling Green car park, and the West Domain car park. 

Please note that parking fees may apply, and time limits may be in effect. Lastly, for those residing nearby or seeking a more active mode of transport, cycling or walking to the park is an eco-friendly and health-conscious option. 

What are the games that children can play while they’re in Parramatta Park, Sydney?

At Parramatta Park in Sydney, children have access to a diverse array of games and activities that encourage creativity, physical movement, and social interaction, all within a safe and picturesque environment. 

Within the park’s designated play areas, such as the Domain Creek Playground and Paperbark Playground, children can engage in traditional games like tag or hide-and-seek, which not only promote physical activity but also foster teamwork and communication skills. 

Additionally, the park’s innovative play equipment, including climbing nets, swings, slides, and sandpits, invites children to create their own games and stories, stimulating their imaginations and problem-solving abilities. 

For those interested in sports, Parramatta Park offers expansive open spaces perfect for organised games such as soccer, cricket, or frisbee, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

The park’s meandering cycling and walking paths present opportunities for leisurely bike rides or nature scavenger hunts, allowing children to explore the park’s flora and fauna while simultaneously learning about the environment. 

Furthermore, families can bring along simple, portable games like skipping ropes, hula hoops, or balls, which can be enjoyed in the park’s various grassy areas, enhancing children’s physical coordination and endurance. 

In summary, Parramatta Park provides a wealth of opportunities for children to participate in an assortment of games and activities, which cater to different interests and skill levels, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all.

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