Speers Point Park and Playground at Lake Macquarie

I wish that Speers Point Park was closer! It ticks all the boxes. It really is a magnificent park with an amazing play space. Despite it is a long car trip for visiting a playground, it is completely worth it.

The Lake Macquarie Variety Playground, aka Speers Point Park Playground features a vast open area with a rotunda and picnic tables, a paved promenade, shared pathways, a fenced dog exercise area, cycleway for the kids, water play area and a fenced all abilities playground, which is suitable for all ages, too.

The ship inspired playground area for younger kids is also amazing. It has slides, ropes, bridges, pretend play elements and the list goes on.

Here’s what the Lake Macquarie City Council website has to say:

‘The Lake Macquarie Variety Playground (LMVP) located in Speers Point Park on the northern shores of Lake Macquarie, NSW, is designed to cater for the needs of children of all ages and all abilities, to ensure that everyone can play and interact together.’

If you are planning an event, you might like to know that the whole park is available for hire, including the promenade, shelters, stage and Heritage Shed.

The Lake Macquarie Variety Playground was awarded ‘‘Best Play Space in Australia’’ by Parks and Leisure Australia in 2011. Although it is nearly 10 years old now, this award winning playground still doesn’t have serious competitors yet. Maybe it’s because of its fenced 2 hectares and stunning location. Also, Speers Point Swim Centre is across the park. So you may like to plan a day out combining both. Surely, the little ones will fall asleep on the way back home. 

BBQ and picnic tables with Lake Macquarie views

Speers Point Park + Playground 

Park Road, Speers Point 2284

Website: https://www.lakemac.com.au/Venues/Speers-Point-Park 

By Seana Smith and Mireia Garriga 

Speers Point Park Playground is just huge with all sorts of great play equipment. Heaven! Our daughters played non stop for hours. The 9 metre long spiral slide must be the tallest in NSW and the double flying fox is probably one of the longest.

My daughters loved both the slide and the flying fox. However, they also enjoyed the water play and sensory areas. My daughters didn’t want to leave! Would you, if you were a child?


The climbing tower is 12 metres. Despite being so tall, my intrepid daughters didn’t have barely any trouble in going up to the top! The structure is well designed, kids are safe thanks to the net system. 

Speers Point Playground Details

Nearest takeaway coffee: Sal’s by the lake. The cafe’s veranda overlooks the playground, but the park is so big that it is difficult to keep an eye on little children. 

Sal’s is a 100% NOT FOR PROFIT CAFE. All proceeds from the cafe’s operations are channeled back into the community via The Salvation Army.

Toilets: Yes

Shade: Large trees provide plenty of shade, but might not be enough in summer. Some play areas can be quite exposed. So, we highly recommend to wear hats. 

Enclosed: Yes

Dog-friendly: Yes, on-lead in all areas. 

Mum’s report: Speers Point Playground is free, suits kids of all ages and abilities from 1 year olds to teens, and for the older kids has a 9m high slide and 2 super long flying foxes. Seana and I were blown away by the amount of things for kids to play in on around. Also, if you don’t want to spend any cent, you can pack food for a picnic or barbecue. Lake Macquarie foreshore is so inviting that you will not regret it. Also, if you don’t mind to pack extra, don’t forget the scooters or bicycles. There is also a cycleway that kids love, it has road signs, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, obstacles, and even bumps.

The scooter / bicycle circuit is not too big but it has all the signs for the kids learning to ride safely. 

The best way to visit Lake Macquarie Variety Playground in Speers Point Park is by car. Sadly, despite being such a popular playground, it is difficult to travel to there from Sydney by public transport. 

Parking: Plenty. Although it can get busy at the weekend. 

Bus stop nearby: Several local buses but not regional.

Train station nearby: Teralba Train Station. However, when we checked public tranport options, there isn’t any direct bus that connects the station with the playground. 



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Caves Beach is not far away from Speers Park. If you haven’t been there yet, it is a great family beach.

Also, don’t forget to check the post ’25 Things to do at Lake Macquarie + Where to stay’. Lake Macquarie is a fabulous destination for a weekend away. It is not far away from Sydney and there is lots to do, specially if you are an active family. 

After having written about Speers Point Playground, I feel like packing the kids in the car right now! and driving them straight up there, as Seana mentioned in her previous review.  

Have you been to this excellent playground? Do you think there could be any better in NSW?


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Posted on: November 21, 2020

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