Tandara at Lane Cove Holiday Park: Sydney Glamping For Exhausted Parents

Tandara Lane Cove Holiday Park 2

Do you need an escape from the house and the kids? Silly question: who doesn’t? 

But you’re pressed for time and you don’t have the energy to drive very far?

Just pop over to Lane Cove and hide away at Tandara, Sydney’s only glamping experience.

Check out the photo above, that massive king bed with a wonderful view; it’s hard to believe this is in the heart of Sydney’s massive sprawl.

Tandara is a single glamping tent, it’s part of Lane Cove Holiday Park but feels quite removed from the tents, caravans and cabins.

Tandara Glamping Lane Cove Holiday Park
After checking in at reception, you park your car in the Tandara parking space.
Tandara Glamping Lane Cove Holiday Park 1
You walk through a gate into an enclosed and very private fenced space.
Tandara Lane Cove Holiday Park 700
Then you walk along the wooden walkway to the glampsite.

You’ll find a huge deck with loungers, desk and chair and a comfy sofa too. This is a fabulous place to relax and watch the birds fly by.. and the clouds drift along too. And that’s before you’ve even gone inside the tent.

Tandara Lane Cove Holiday Park 5
There’s an outdoors kitchen and BBQ, so you can bring your own food and totally escape from the outside world.

Inside, the tent itself is very spacious with a massive king bed. I loved the wooden floors and the handy fridge, which is huge, plus the little touches like the heater and extra blankets for winter. 

Tandara Lane Cove Holiday Park 3
There’s a huge bathroom with very glam bath!

Love this bathroom!!   The smooth limestone tiles on the floor feel very opulent, and contrast nicely with the clear windows in the tent giving the bathroom a bit of an indoor/outdoor feel.

Tandara Lane Cove Holiday Park 1
Check out the huge shower and twin sinks; perfect for a romantic getaway
Tandara Lane Cove Holiday Park 4
All the mod cons, should you need them; fridge, kettle and microwave too. I really appreciated the large mugs for my morning cuppa.

The bed was very comfy indeed, with a soft mattress topper for extra snuggle factor and four fluffy pillows.

Tandara Glamping Lane Cove Holiday Park 3
View from the bed, I probably let a few insects in but keeping the tent doors wide open was delightful
Tandara Glamping Lane Cove Holiday Park 7

The birdsong and wind rustling through the treetops as you sit out on the deck is really lovely … yes, there is a faint hum of traffic at times, but overall the experience at Tandara isrustic and rural even though it’s so close to the M2 motorway.

When the birds went to sleep at night and the wind dropped then there was significant traffic noise. It didn’t keep me awake at all though, I was exhausted by all the fresh air and the bush walk I had done earlier

Tandara Lane Cove Holiday Park

In the morning, the light and the raucous cockatoos and kookaburras did wake me up early. That was OK as I had to get going anyway.  The morning traffic noise was noticeable too.  I would recommend an early to bed, early to rise appraoch if you stay… and yes, this can work well with a romantic getaway!

Tandara feels very private, because it is very private, removed from the rest of the holiday park. It feels special because it IS special.

Tandara Glamping Lane Cove Holiday Park 4

Booking Tandara

Stays at Tandara start from $250 for two. You can read more and book on the website here.

Alternatively call the Lane Cove Holiday Park team on 02 9888 9133 or email:  lanecove@delawarenorth.com.

Tip: Weekends are often sold well ahead, but availability is often good during the week. Take the day off work and really escape it all!

Read a broader review of Lane Cove Holiday Park here.  There you will find information on all the activities you can do in the holiday park and in Lane Cove National Park, which can be entered directly from the park.

NB We also have an article here about what’s on for kids in school holidays.

Lane Cove Holiday Park

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I stayed as a guest of Lane Cove Holiday Park, a big thank you to them for their kind hospitality. Tragically, I stayed alone.  Next time, I will bring along my beloved!

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