Kid-Friendly Cafes + Playgrounds around Liverpool in Sydney

A reader recently asked me for ideas on where to go with kids in Liverpool and got some great advice from others, so I thought I’d pop it up as a post here.

First up there’s this post here on the website:

Western Sydney’s Best Playgrounds: 29 and Counting


Here’s some advice from Facebook:

Carla Filipakis recommends the  Michael Clarke Recreation Centre, the park next door, the library and the Black Elk Cafe!

Michael Clark Recreation Centre in Carnes Hill website here.

Christina Lee also recommends these play places: Michael Clarke Recreation Centre,, Plough & Harrow Park at Abbotsbury, Monkey Mania at Casula, Tik Tocs at Prestons, Flip Out at Lurnea, Aquatopia at Prairiewood, Bigge Park in Liverpool.

And these cafes: Fresh @ Mounties (Has Timezone for kids also) Black Elk at Carnes Hill, Mac St Diner in Liverpool, Flat Rock Cafe (aka Cafe Twenty3).

Kat Jensen agrees that  Tic Tocs is good.


Here are some websites and webpages that give more info on these places:

Aquatopia at Prairiewood

Bigge Park Water Playground on Adventure, Baby!

Tic Tocs Indoor Play Centre


And I’d also recommend the excellent website Parraparents.

There’s a Mums meet Mums Liverpool/Campbelltown group here on Facebook and there’s a Liverpool Mums Facebook group but it isn’t currently very active.


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