Top Ten Sydney Harbour Family Picnic Spots – and a Protein-Packed Sandwich That’s Quick to Make and Take

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For a fab family picnic, you need plenty of space and ideally a large grassy area for playing cricket and footie.

Lots of shade is also de rigeur.

If there’s a beach and a playground nearby too, then you are totally set for a long day of outside fun and play.

You’ll need a picnic as well, so here’s a sandwich idea from my twins. It’s on protein-packed white bread – much to their joy.


tip top raisin peanut butter sandwich

A Quick High Protein Sandwich To Make and Take

My kids all love white bread – hubby does too – but I only buy it rarely.

One of the reasons I’m a brown bread buyer is that it tends to contain more protein than white bread.

I buy a brand of brown bread which has 10g of protein in two slices.

Now there’s a white bread to rival it. Tip Top’s new Extra Protein Bread has 10.9 grams of protein per two slice serve.

Kids need 1g of protein per kilo, so my twins need 30 – 35g. I need about 75g a day myself.

So one sandwich made using Tip Top has a third of the twins’ daily protein needs, and more if there’s a protein-packed filling too.

One serve of the new bread also has 4.5g of dietary fibre too, about one-sixth of my 10-year-old twins daily needs.


We all know the whole family needs protein to:

  • Keep us fuller for longer
  • Build bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin
  • Repair and maintain body tissue
  • Build vital hormones and enzymes


Our children need more protein than adults since their bodies are growing every day.

Here’s a quick video of my twins trying out the new Tip Top High Protein Bread.

My kids are VERY boring in their sandwich choices, so I show them one of my old favourites too: the peanut butter and raisin sandwich.

Top Ten Sydney Harbour Family Picnic Spots

Our Sydney Harbour picnic spots are excellent throughout winter, spring, summer and autumn too. How lucky are we?

These are our top ten family picnic spots around Sydney Harbour and Middle Harbour. Please do let us know of others in the comments section of this post.

It goes without saying really that all of these picnic spots have the most magnificent harbour views.

Yours for the day at totally no cost.

Here they are, we’re going from the north side of the Bridge around the Harbour to the east and then to south side.

Each picnic place can be read about in more detail by clicking on the link.


picnic Clontarf beach

A kids’ picnic at Clontarf on a sunny day – heaven


Berry Island Reserve

Gorgeous green swathes of grass, a lovely playground and even a child-friendly walk with indigenous rock carvings.

Read all about Berry Island Reserve here.



Blues Point Reserve at McMahons Point

You’ll find classic views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House plus lots of space and a lovely small maritime-themed playground.

Read more about Blues Point Reserve here.



Balmoral Beach

You can picnic under the ancient fig trees to the south of the playground or on the lawns near the Rotunda at the Bathers pavilion.

When children are older cross the little bridge and picnic on the ‘island.’ There’s the beach, the baths and a playground too. Perfection.

Find out the info you need about Balmoral beach here.


Cremorne Point

The sloping reserve that runs along Cremorne Point, with its walkway, is ideal for families looking for magnificent views of the City.

You can also have a dip at McCallum Pool. Not so much space for cricket here and not the best for runaway toddlers either, but fab for babies in strollers and sensible kids.

Read more about Cremorne Point here.


Clifton Gardens

It’s got the lot. Beach, netted baths and a vast playground, all within a huge flat expanse of lawn. Top spot for cricket and soccer games to wear the kids out, should the playground and beach not do the job.

Older kids love jumping from the jetty around the baths.

More info on Clifton Gardens here.


Clontarf Beach and Reserve

Terrific for toddlers and pre-schoolers and good for older kids too. There’s a divine boat-themed playground very close to the beach and a small netted baths area. There are mud flats too to run and play on and plenty of space for games.

Find out about Clontarf Beach and Reserve here.


Davidson Park

Higher up on Middle Harbour is a very spacious area alongside Roseville Bridge.

You do need to pay the National Parks entrance fee to park there but it’s worth it for the views and the space.

There’s a very small netted swimming area. Bring your own kayak and explore.

Read more about Davidson Park here.


Robertson Park at Watsons Bay

There’s such a lot of space to play in this park and magnificent trees to find shade beneath. There’s also a fenced playground within the park.

The beach and the enclosed baths are just a short stroll away.

Check out details on Robertson Park here


Parsley Bay

Beloved by all who visit, this is a tiny beach compared to most but it does have a nice reserve and playground, plus walks around it.

Parking is the only drawback, so come at a quiet time of the week.

Read all about Parsley Bay here.


Neilsen Park

An oasis of ancient trees and lovely lawns, with picnic spots higher up as well as by the netted beach.

You do need to pay fees to enter as it is part of Sydney Harbour National Park.

Read more details on Neilsen Park here.



Mrs Macquaries Point

This spot must be included as it’s one of the best viewing spots around Sydney Harbour. There are classic views across to the Opera House with the Harbour Bridge behind.

Older children will enjoy exploring Mrs Macquaries Chair which is carved out of the sandstone rock.

It can be very busy with tourists here but you can move away a little to picnic, or duck into the spacious lawns of the Botanic Gardens. Afterwards, pop over to have a quick swim at the Andrew ‘Boy” Charlton Pool by the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

More on Mrs Macquaries Point here.


Parsley Bay Vaucluse_1

Beautiful Parsley Bay


tip top bread_1


Other ideas for high protein sandwiches

Hard boiled  eggs mashed with mayo

Ham and salami and veggies

Salad with hummous

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber


Here are a few other ways to use Tip Top Extra Protein Bread to up the kids’ protein input.

  • Add croutons to vegetable soups
  • Use a slice of bread instead of pastry for mini quiches
  • Use as bases for mini pizzas
  • Use in bread and butter puddings
  • Make triple decker sandwiches!



Hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Please do let myself and my readers know in the comments both your very favourite Sydney picnic spots and also your own favourite sandwiches and other foods for a picnic.

Happy picnicking,

Seana xx



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Posted on: May 2, 2016


  • I just watched the video and it made me crave for peanut butter sandwich! Not to mention your two youngest ones are so adorable.
    I love a basic egg mayo sandwich – my mum always made that when I was in school.

    • Reply May 5, 2016

      Seana Smith

      I love an egg mayo took, a great sandwich, or on baked potato! Hey I’m in Dubai right now, staying at the Sofitel at Jumeirah Beach, loved the reviews you did of the two hotels in Dubai and nearly went with one but decided to be closer to where our friends are.

  • Great list of picnic spots around Sydney Harbour. It would be interesting to visit each of them for a change of scenery each time. I’m not a big fan of raisins so I’ll probably just stick to peanut butter or the egg mayo sandwich. By the way, I like how cooperative your kids are on your video.

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