Snorkelling at Shelly Beach Manly – With and Without Kids

How lovely is Shelly Beach in Manly? There’s a whole post written about Shelly Beach with all the info you need to plan a visit here.

Today I’m going to show you some photos and video from underwater. Shelly Beach is one of the easiest places to snorkel with children in Sydney (other top spots are Balmoral Beach and Clovelly Beach and Baths.)

snorkel manly shelly beach
A shoal of yellowtail scud off Shelly Beach

NB Americans might have googled for ‘Manly snorkeling’ or ‘Shelly Beach snorkeling’ with just the one l… but we Aussies spell it with two lls… hope it doesn’t look too weird to you.

snorkel at shelly beach sydney
Eastern Blue Groper off Shelly Beach

Did you know you can go on a guided snorkelling trip at Manly and Shelly Beach? That’s a great way for beginners to get started.

I’m a bit concerned that these photos and the video might put little children off though. There really are a lot of fish around Shelly. But you won’t always see the big ones like wobbegongs and rays.

If your children are little, or nervous, then they can stay closer to shore and just see the little fishies.

snorkel shelly beach many
Small fish amongst the seaweed at Shelly Beach
snorkel shelly beach many sydney
Sponges on the rocks off Shelly Beach

On a day when the ocean is clear, you can joyfully snorkel far out and see 10 – 20 metres down into deep water and there are all sorts of marvellous creatures of the deep out there.

scuba dive at shelly beach
The strangest underwater creature of them all, my son!

The rocks on each side of the beach are where the best sea life can be seen.

Many of these photos, and the video, were taken by my son who has dived and snorkelled a few times at Shelly beach.

You’ll see some wobbegongs on this video, now they are big!

Learn more about the fish species at Shelly Beach on the Diveplanit website here.

I love Shelly as I swim into it with The Bold and The Beautiful Swim Squad – Sydney’s best way to start the day.

For all the practical details about Shelly Beach, like where to park, change and eat, click here. 

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Book your guided snorkelling trip here!

Shelly Beach Snorkelling Map

snorkelling off shelly beach
I think these are longfin pike… but don’t quote me.

Fancy a swim and a snorkel at Shelly Beach?

Find more cool places to snorkel in Sydney with kids here.

Come on, let’s go right now!

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