Top 10 Free And Low Cost Things To Do In Sydney These School Holidays – Updated

Free + Low Cost Holiday activities

School holidays are upon us! I’m cheering as I love the change of pace. Mind you, after a couple of weeks I’ll be booing, desperate for a bit of silence and solitude.

Anyway, here’s my updated list of our family’s Top Ten Cheap and Free Activities.

Hope you enjoy it and get some penny-pinching inspiration.


PS For events and activities happening this week check out our What’s On section.


 Free and Cheap Things To Do In Sydney


 1. Play At A Great Playground

The roads are quieter in the school holidays, and we have more time. How about visiting one of Sydney’s bigger playground with a picnic, make a day of it.

Putney Park Water Playground

Sydney Park Playground and Bike Track

Blaxland Riverside Park

Clifton Gardens Playground and Beach

Passmore Reserve, Manly

Darling Harbour Playground

Flying Fox Playground and Cafe at Mona Vale

If you can’t be bothered making a picnic, check out the best playgrounds with cafes in Sydney.


2. Spend A Day At The Beach

There are too many great beaches, I can’t list them all… but if you subscribe to my weekly email updates by entering your email address in the sidebar I can send you a copy of my ebook ‘Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids.’

Some of these beaches are also on this blog, with lots of photos, click here to check them out.   My favourite beaches for a day out are those that also have a fantastic playground… and even a cafe nearby too.


3. Visit One Of Sydney’s Best Harbour Pools

Some of Sydney’s stunning harbour pools are completely free to visit. Summer for swimming, winter for beach play and paddling, they are great spots all year round.  Have you been to:

Redleaf Pool

MacCallum Pool

Watsons Bay Baths

Northbridge Baths

Others charge a small fee. This year we must get to the lovely Greenwich Baths, and I had a swim recently at the Dawn Fraser Pool in Balmain – must post those photos.

Also on the Harbour are some pretty beaches with  netted swimming enclosures. We love Clifton Gardens with its excellent playground, Little Manly Cove which (which has a great cafe) and we need to get back to Shark Beach in Neilsen Park and Parsley Bay which also has a playground, plus a kiosk. It’s been too long!


4. Check Out Sydney’s Best Swimming Pools for Kids

Holidays are a great time to go further from home than usual. My kids have loved visiting some further away pools like:

North Sydney Olympic Pool

Cook and Phillip Aquatic Centre

Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope

Lane Cove Aquatic Centre

Ryde Aquatic Centre

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

If you want to check out all the best water slides in Sydney, click here.

(Can you recommend other fab pools for kids? We’d love to visit some more.)


5. Spend The Day At A Bike Track

My big boys used to love a day at a bike track with friends, and it’s something the twins just haven’t done enough. We have a date with other twins in the early part of the school holidays to meet at a favourite bike track which also has a great playground alongside. I’ll take a picnic and my Thermos and we’ll be there for hours.

My list of Sydney’s best bike tracks is here.



6. Check Out Kids In The Park at Sydney Olympic Park

There are several free and low cost activities on offer amongst the more than 50 activities in the Kids In The Park program.  Check the program here.


7. Try Some NPWS WilderQuest Activities

NSW National parks and Wildlife Service runs many child-friendly free and low price events throughout the year. Check them out on the NPWS  Wilderquest website.

You can also play the award-winning WilderQuest game on computer or on an iPad, check here to read my post on WilderQuest. And it’s absolutely free.


8. Get Out And Walk By The Water

Sydney has many great family-friendly walks, and our faves are by the ocean. Let the briny breeze blow the mental cobwebs away!

There are great walks for stroller pushers, safe walks for toddlers and more challenging walks for school children too.  I have a few walks on the blog, find my child-friendly walks listed here.  


9. Go To The Movies – Budget Version

Use the cheaper books of tickets to keep costs down and BYO caramel popcorn and drinks. If you are taking babies and toddlers, have a look at the great child-friendly cinemas and screenings which happen all over Sydney.

Some cinemas have ‘baby crying rooms’ where you can sit with the family and cause no-one any bother. Others have specific screenings where no-one will complain if your toddler starts rummaging around under the seats or your baby starts squawking.  Find my list of them all here.


10. Stay At Home And Bake And Make

As my kids get older, we’re enjoying staying at home more. Rusty Rocket plays outside a lot (hooray for a house in a cul de sac with kids next door) and Minnie The Minx and I enjoy doing crafty things more and more.

We might bake a healthy chocolate cake… or a beetroot and chocolate cake.… or some spiced zucchini bread.… actually we might just give the healthy option a body swerve and get straight into some caramel popcorn. Movie time!

On a sunny day my kids still love drawing all over our windows using liquid chalk which we get from Smiggle shops.


There are also so many other things to do in Sydney these school holidays: theatre, museums, art galleries, music, sport etc etc  But I wanted to focus on the cheap and cheerful this time.



Hope you enjoy some rest and relaxation over the holidays

Catch you when term starts back.

What are you up to these holidays?

Take it easy


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Posted on: June 20, 2016


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